Race Day 16 with Bandit 22LTE at Saint Aubrey

Viv, Reni (with crew Anaya), Lisa, Erin, Nicci, Lucy, Amy (with crew Ester), Ella, Moon, Rugger (with crew Tori), Vlad and Juicy (with crew Bulle) came yesterday for our reversed course with wind from North West and 21 knots. The conditions were sunny with a local shower for Juicy (one crash and coming back).

the fleet at the briefing
and from the back (foto by Hakiria)
a close up of the sailors before Viv and Juicy joined us (video by Hakiria)

The start yesterday looked like one of the wildest we had in 16 B22LTE races now. There was a lot of very little barging and with watching now the awesome video from Hakiria i i would say not too bad to give any penalties. That all went too fast for me watching it live and i was just over challenged by that. But see yourself:

the start

Viv, Reni and Juicy made the best out of their starts and reached the first buoy CS first, second and third. Lisa started 10th and was at buoy CS already 5th close behind Ella. The others were battling close on the upwind leg and i cant really say who passed who on the first leg.

The fleet on the first leg to buoy CS (video by Hakiria)

On the way to buoy CN Amy, Lucy, and Moon caught up with Lisa. That buoy was a bit like the start and Moon, Lisa, Lucy and Juicy crashed there into each others. Juicy first didnt give enough room to Lisa and Lisa then not enough room to Moon at the buoy.
But then Moon believing he has ROW went with a much too wide turn and rammed the others. – First we have to avoid a collision even when we have ROW.
And in the end its not clear if Lucy had to give Moon more room after the tack or Moon tacked much too hard and didnt give Lucy enough time to react on that.
So all the fouls deleted each others and
i really hope we wont have more of this aggressive sailing in the future.

Viv and Reni safely ahead of the wild action behind them

The further upwind leg to buoy IN Viv and Reni could use their free sailing to increase their lead.

Viv and Reni first at buoy IN
Moon, Rugger and Amy following at buoy IN

After the wild turn around buoy CN Lisa fell back behind Erin and had to start her chase again.

Erin and the rest of the fleet following the first 5

Viv and Reni kept their lead safely until the finish line.

Amy, Rugger and Moon followed by the rest of the fleet and all followed the leaders at buoy OW
Erin, Lisa, Ella, Nicci, Juicy and Lucy at buoy OW

The long downwind part to buoy ON started and on this Lisa passed Erin and Amy and with a much better turn at buoy OE caught up with Rugger.

Moon, Rugger, Lisa and Amy at buoy ON
Moon, Rugger, Lisa and Amy at buoy CN starting the second last downwind leg
followed by Erin,
Nicci,, Lucy and Ella

On the downwind leg to buoy OE Lisa used the windshadow on Rugger and passed him. She could caught up close with Moon by doing a much closer turn around buoy OE. That gave her a better angle for the upwind leg to buoy CS and she passed Moon on that.

Moon. Lisa and Rugger at buoy OE
Amy at buoy OE
Erin and Nicci at buoy OE
Lucy at buoy OE
Ella at buoy OE
finally Juicy and Vlad at buoy OE
Viv and Reni safely far in front, followed by Lisa, Moon and Rugger to second last buoy CS (video by Hakiria)
Viv and Reni at buoy CS still safely in the lead
The finish: 1, Viv, 2. Reni, 3. Lisa, 4. Moon, 5. Erin. 6. Nicci, 7. Rugger, 8. Lucy, 9. Amy, 10. Ella,
11. Vlad and finally 12. Juicy

Lots of discussions about the race on the after race party.

the race and the chat even made most so thirsty that they asked for a second beer (pictures by Hakiria)

First of all congrats to Viv (1st) and Reni (2nd) for their great race nearly the whole time in front and to Lisa (3rd) for her awesome chase through nearly the whole fleet. And i think all others has exciting fun with all the duels that happened.

Here is the result of yesterday:

Race 16: 2021-04-27-ST AR- B22LTE-1-REV – NW21:

1: vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Race Time: 0:26:27-15points
2: SerenityAeon Resident BS8584 – Race Time: 0:26:43-12points
3: Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Race Time: 0:27:25-10points
4: moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Race Time: 0:27:52-9points
5: clairehunt Resident BSfe0f – Race Time: 0:28:05-8points
6: Nicci Neox BSa594 – Race Time: 0:28:13-7points
7: ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Race Time: 0:28:21-6points
8: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:28:34-5points
9: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Race Time: 0:28:37-4points
10: eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Race Time: 0:28:39-3points
11: vlad708 Resident BSb48a – Race Time: 0:32:42-2points
12: juice651 Resident BS1cc4 – Race Time: 0:33:17-1point

Lap Times:
vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:26:23
SerenityAeon Resident BS8584 – Start: 0:00:06 – Last lap: 0:26:37
Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Start: 0:00:14 – Last lap: 0:27:11
moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:27:45
clairehunt Resident BSfe0f – Start: 0:00:09 – Last lap: 0:27:56
Nicci Neox BSa594 – Start: 0:00:09 – Last lap: 0:28:04
ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Start: 0:00:06 – Last lap: 0:28:15
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:28:27
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Start: 0:00:19 – Last lap: 0:28:18
eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:28:31
vlad708 Resident BSb48a – Start: 0:00:32 – Last lap: 0:32:10
juice651 Resident BS1cc4 – Start: 0:00:03 – Last lap: 0:33:14

Standing overall St AR 2021 B22LTE Championship (after 16 races):
Sailor-points (number of races)
Rugger 54(16)

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you next week on our normal course with wind from North East again.

hugs and kisses

One comment

  1. Thanks for hosting, Bianca.
    For me, it was a pretty simple race, once I managed to fend off Reni in the first leg, as she passed the line with better speed than I did.
    Talking about the start, this 30-sec video capture is one of the best I have seen about SL sailing: great image quality to capture a fantastic and exciting start! IMHO, the start looked quite clean, considering everything…

    Liked by 3 people

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