YouTube Video for Neil: Debian 10.9 Cinnamon

LOL, didn’t we just talk about alternatives to Ubuntu and Mint? This looks very promising:

In this video I will be installing Debian 10.9 Cinnamon using the Debian 10.90 Non Free ISO which includes firmware that’s loaded onto the devices system to accommodate drivers for the installer which provides for a much easier install not having to worry about searching for drivers, big example WIFI which was a problem for me in the past on the main system being used in the video. The big bonus for this scenario is that the drivers were available within the desktop after install. This is a massive bonus for people interested in using Debian that may have turned away from Debian because drivers were such a time consuming task to resolve, on some occasions probably not achieved. Hope you enjoy the video.

Debian Home Page –

Debian Live ISO download page –…

Debian Live Non Free ISO download page –…

Themes Debian Cinnamon Quogir –

Qogir Icon Theme –…

We10X icon theme –…

Papirus Icon Theme –…

My LBRY (odysee) link – lbry://@PCTLC#6

Whoa! Easy installation, internet connectivity straight away and Cinnamon desktop. Looks like they’ve finally sorted out their antisocial agenda. 🙂 Why dabble with MX, LMDE or Sparky when you can have the same awesomeness directly from the source?


    • Oh yes, I know the problem of even finding the download thingie since it was always buried deep in the intestines of their site. Nowadays it’s a bright and big button directly on the title page. Will check your blog immediately …


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