Corona Diary: Day 394

Ohayo my boyz n grrlz … imagine for a brief moment, if you can, first your beloved homeland is invaded and occupied by some oilpirates from the West, and you can escape the drones and snipers. But then you’re infected with Covid-19, so badly you become hospitalized … and then …

Meanwhile in South Africa …

… peepelz are just dying from Covid-19 infections. Rather boring and unspectacular. But very sad nevertheless. šŸ˜¦

At least no deaths in Orca’s province. Why, because around here we are clever. :/

No, peepelz are as stupid as everywhere else, only Orcsi and hubby are clever and only leave the house for essential shit. And that only with observing all health and safety protocols. Oh, that reminds me I’ve gotta go shopping now and pay my traffic fine. šŸ˜¦ Yesterday I was able to delay my raid for one more day but today we’re totally out of food. So there. šŸ˜

As always I hope you guys are careful as well and won’t overdo anything; even if your govt says it’s okay to hussle and bussle and mingle with the people. I’d say you rather don’t. So we can meet here again and look at more posts. Ok?




  1. I’m desperate for a mani/pedi and haircut. But more desperate to live!
    Wish I could send you some of the food I can’t eat till stitches come out! Work gave us $$ to buy products for “covid relief”. I ordered protein shake powder and really wish it would show up!

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    • No panic hun. Little Orcsi won’t go hungry. Our huge grocery shop is directly next door of the gym so I go there after I’ve finished my exercises. Perfect. šŸ˜‰


      • Well, I’d still be happy to get rid of all the frozen food I can’t eat right now! The neighborhood food bank can’t take it. I know it’s only 2 wks but going into the kitchen is torture right now!

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        • But … just notice now … Frozen Food. That Frozen Food that is good until etermity, that Frozen Food that won’t go bad in the short few weeks until you can take a big bite again? That Frozen Food?
          As I said before: Dontcha worry!


            • Enjoy the pleasant anticipation! And also … you don’t have to see these things. They are in the dark and cold freezer compartment where we never see them. Or even think about them.


              • Yes, I’ve stopped looking in the freezer. And I gave the bags of chips to neighborkid. The only thing “talking to me” now is popcorn and chunky soups.

                I think pasta was allowed… I’ll have to double check. If so, I can make instant ramen!

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