Corona Diary: Day 393

G’day Weekenders πŸ˜‰

Just some days ago we received a message about the strange consequences of the British locky downy and the little oopsy in Suez canal:

Read all about the gnomes here!

And, talking about weird messages, haven’t you heard America’s won the Covid-19 disaster?

What sick mind comes up with such shite? Oh, right: Professor Hal Brands!

And there goes America’s alleged win:

Well done, my Indian friends, very well done. You showed the Yanks who dies better … and more!

But the US is fighting back …

… by counting hardly legal vaccination side effects as Covid deaths!

Most dramatic: Will the Olympic games be the next Coronavirus victim?

I wonder how and why a country declares a State of Emergency only for certain prefectures … during a pandemic??? Don’t they know how tight-woven and superfast the traffic network is in Japan? I can contact Covid-19 in Tokyo and be at the most remote rice paddy half an hour later and spread to a whole village in a matter of hours.

Oh my, and here I am, always thinking the Japanese are so rational n clever n shit. :/

But I know what to do! That is to say Imma gunna do nuffink! Not booking tickets to Tokyo Olympics, not even leaving the house when not essential, staying sane and sober! So, basta. I hope you’ll do the same or similar. Fuk the good spring weather, stay home and survive!

Come on, I know you can do it! You’ve proven your capabilities in couch sitting endurance since more than a year now, a few weeks/months more won’t make things more bad but heighten your chances of not getting infected!

Cya laterz


PS: I’m gonna go cheat later today. Need to buy essential foodstuffz … which is essential and won’t get me in trubbel. πŸ˜‰

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