The Enchanting Træp wondered …

… about why the stupid Orcs can’t install ArchLinux:

Here’s the truth about installing Arch, hun:

And all that just to learn one isn’t even half as cool as … TempleOS? WTF?

Know what, hun? I stick to my semi-geeky, full cool EndeavourOS and just use it as a normal operating system. =^.^=

EOS is for kool katz! =^.^=


    • Trap is a webdesigner by trade and has forgotten more about Linux than I will ever learn, so her comments are rather serious. That, or she has a very British humour. I know it’s both. 😉

      I can understand that many original Arch users are a bit miffed about us newcomers on Manjo, EOS, Arco and Garuda and whatelse, going round and stating BTW, I use Arch! 🙂 For them it’s about learning, it’s about bending and kneading their Linux distro perfectly to their will and see that as an achievement. For me it’s about having a perfectly functional OS that ain’t static but rolling and be always up-to-date and on the bleeding egde. And the less thoughts and labour I have to invest into it, the better.


        • Indeed. 😉 I know my very tight limitations and very small knowledge base, so all trolls about Orca and computers are correct. I’m just a bit more more brave and stuntgirly than most other bishies. 🙂 Coz I at least do one thing right: I backup my data. So I could burn all my PCs down right now, the most important stuff will still be save and secure. 😉


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