Corona Diary: Day 390

Mörning health engineers

Mixed messages of varying goodness today regarding our favourite infectious disease:

More on this … here!

And this is exactly why I don’t listen to politicians and/or armchair experts anymore. All the new mutations are more aggro but not as deadly … BS, fukkaz, I call your BS! Now we see what we got from relaxing the lockdown. More death, more infections, more shit! 😦

We don’t need a 3rd wave if we can die from the second wave as well.

You know what I think about all the vaccines and rollout plans and all the complicated logistics and expensive development – and sometimes deadly – consequences: Politicians are helplessly doctoring at the symptoms instead of conquering the root problems. A strict lockdown, everybody stays at home for 2 months, and we’re done with that shit! And we can restart the economy … or could have … if we hadn’t acted like a buncha 6 year olds. 😦

Now we lost our jobs, our countries are kaputt, we’re struggling for shots of a dangerous medicine, and we still can’t get back to normal. 😮 Shame on us, on all of us! The last year-and-a-half wasn’t humanities finest hour. 😦

So, peeps, I know many of you can’t work from home but have to go out there, some of you are essential workers and don’t have a choice neither, and some dummies – like Orca – leave their dwellings just for shit n giggles. I guess it’s kinda ok when we follow the very few basic rules of flattening the curve: Mask up, social distancing, sanitizing, keep clean, don’t engage in big group activities.

You follow the rules, dontcha?

Cya laterz


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