Really, Microsoft? Serious?

Is this true?

Remember just a few years ago when Microsoft pushed an update to Windows 10 users and it deleted a bunch of irreplaceable user files? Or when they pushed a Windows update and a bunch of machines were stuck in a boot loop? Or when their updates caused BSODs? I do. And for the last two months Microsoft’s updates have proven more than problematic for users–failing to install, degrading performance, and crashing machines. Why? Let’s talk about it. And yeah… this video is a bit of a meme and me dunking on Microsoft… but it’s fun. ;

Sorry guys, I’m gone from Microsoft for too long and can’t shed any light on this. Tell me, my dears, how were the last Windows updates treating you?

And now tell me, please … WHY THE FUK ARE YOU STILL ON WINDOWS??? You know there is more than just one, but a better alternative to Windows.


    • Let me correct your statement quickly:

      “it is most a annoying. I still have a couple of machines on it.”

      Soooooooooo… whyyyyyy? What you gonna do about that?

      LΓ–L πŸ™‚


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