1. I have friends who live in California which almost always seems to have at least a portion burning. So much can and is lost so quickly, but material can be replaced, lives cannot. I do hope none are lost in this fire.

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    • Thx Becca, afaik only a handful of slightly crispy firefighters, nothing serious. And the fire is under control now, so firefighters are mainly spritzing into dry bushes n stuff, to keep endangered areas nice and moist. Coz the heavy wind is the greatest danger right now. When a gust blows into a still glowing area we’ll have a regular blast! πŸ™‚

      About the material: The biblotheque is very old, and very big and full with old original books from the time of the earliest settlers n stuff. Fortunately the whole inventory has been digitized years ago.Still the original works are surely very precious.

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    • Yesterday I was discussing that I associate Halloween with brush fires.

      I was thinking of the time Catalina Island had a brush fire… we could see the flames from the beach… 22 miles away (the song is incorrect).

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