Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Orca

But it also didn’t enlighten her very much. 😐

Instead of just watching videos about the fire I thought why not be clever, jump in your van and have a looksie from the save distance of our suburb? Can’t harm, can it?

But it won’t help neither. In the bright light of a sunny autumn day, the city just looks a bit foggy. No yellow and red bonfire and thick smoke clouds. The cloud on top of Table Mountain hangs out there almost every day and has nothing to do with the fukn fire.
The last few windsurfers enjoy the stiff breeze on the vlei where they are not harassed by the hordes of kitesurfers … and don’t give a fux about the fire on the mountain.
On the way home I notice the neighbourstreets are getting fibre. Only 2 short years after us. 🙂

Okay, my spectacular report about the roaring wildfire didn’t turn out quite as expected. But at least I used the chance to fill up the tank and get some fresh air.


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