1. “I Jumped On The Linux Bandwagon Because I Wanted Nothing To Do With Windows 10”
    I jumped during Win7 times already. 2013/14. Hubby had PC problems and wasn’t happy on Windows so I told him we had an old computer magazine with a Linux CD and why not give it a try.

    “That same year, I installed Linux on my laptop computer (And, I have not returned to Microsoft Windows).”
    Same here. Never found a single reason to return.

    “Ubuntu Was My Proverbial Doorway Into Linux”
    For me it was Linux Mint. After not even 5 minutes of researching the internet I found out that if I wanted Ubuntu I could go as well with its deluxe version, with farie dust and racing stripes and much nicer desktops and more luxury. So Mint it was for me straight away. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “In spite of Canonical going in a direction that I do not like, I will not discourage anyone from using Ubuntu and its official flavours.”
    I do! There is nothing left of Ubuntu’s former glory and “usable by human beings” attitude of earlier days. Mint has taken over that part of user-friendliness.

    “In my case, I experimented with:

    Linux Mint
    Peppermint OS
    Zorin OS
    Elementary OS
    KDE Neon
    Feren OS”
    I tested them all but never stuck with any of them. So once and for all, for everybody accusing me of distrohopping. I don’t! I install new Linuxes on spare hardware for testing purposes only. I found my personal system long long ago and won’t delete or even compromise it by having it share a computer with a short term test candidate. No dual booting, no virtual machines for me.

    “I will be brutally honest by saying, โ€œDebian is stable and is utterly boring!โ€”
    Yes! Yes! Yes! But that isn’t a flaw, it’s system imminent!

    “The problem that most people have with Debian (myself included) is that all of the packages, including the kernel, are old.”
    Yes! Yes! Yes! And that, again, is done on purpose. Debian is THE server system, and if you have to sysadmin a huge server farm with hundreds of machines you can’t put much labour into maintenance and upkeep of every single server. The shit must just work.

    “Arch Linux-Based Distributions Are A Lot Of Fun

    For me, Arch Linux is where all of the excitement is.”
    Okay! For me too. That’s why I am since my second week on Linux – without any clue but a lovely Linux guruji – on Arch-like OSes (Manjaro, Namib, Archman, Endeavour).

    “I am a hardcore tinkerer (And, Arch Linux allows me to tinker to my heartโ€™s content).

    Please be warned, that if you tinker too much with any Linux distribution, it is going to crash!”
    I’m not a tinkerer, just a user. I customize and tweak and fine-tune my beloved but fugly af Mate desktop to my personal taste and then just use my system without tinkering much. A new app from time to time and of course I do all the daily updates … but that’s it for me.

    “My three favourite Arch Linux-based distributions are:

    Manjaro Linux”
    Arco is for tinkerers and people who wanna “learn”. I never found anything attractive at that confusing concept. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Manjaro is a cool alround Linux system, like Mint for slightly advanced users.

    “EndeavourOS allowed me to install Arch Linux without any hassle (It is the closest thing to Arch Linux).”
    Yes! 138% Arch compatability without the hassle of the Arch vanilla install. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “I Used To Be A Solus Fanboy

    Solus is one of those distributions that is not based on any of the other distributions of Linux (Solus is its own thing; it was built from the ground up).”
    I tested it and didn’t like it at all. For reasons.

    “My pet peeve with Solus is that they do not update Google Chrome automatically”
    My pet peeve is Google Chrome.

    “Your Linux system will be vulnerable if Google Chrome is not updated.”
    No it won’t! Linux users won’t ever use Google Chrome but only Firefox. There, problem solved. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “For the record, most Linux users are known to utilize Mozilla Firefox or some other type of Chromium-based web browser.”
    Yes. And we know why!

    “I am currently using Vanilla Arch Linux; I intend to stay with it.”
    … until you get bored again?

    “A lot of people who used ArcoLinux ended up using Vanilla Arch Linux.”
    Logical conclusion. Once you’ve done all the “learning” you wanna shed some bloat and use Arch as it is intended: Not a milligram of needless fat. That’s the same reason why true Arch users would never fall for an abomination like Garuda Linux! If I want my Arch to incluse the kitchen sink I install it myself, thankyouverymuch. ๐Ÿ˜

    “As far as I am concerned, it is quite okay for a person to use an Arch Linux-based distribution like EndeavourOS.”
    Thank you kindly, Sir, for your gratious permission. =^.^=

    “My advice is to use a distribution of Linux that makes you happy.”
    Always ask yourself: Does it spark joy?

    “The most important thing is that you are using Linux, my friend.”
    Indeed. Installing and never using it but doing all your work on Windows … this ain’t the way! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    “And, do keep in mind that every person who uses Linux will have a unique Linux journey.”
    Indeed, my friend, indeed! As you’ve seen Is Renard’s journey quite different from Orca’s, still we both ended up on very similar systems. I’ve also met people who are closer to my philosphy but using totally different Linuxes. That’s a good thing. Linux is something different for anybody. It’s kneadable and bendy and you can make it your absolute dream system. Total computer geeks love it, but mere mom n dad users love it too.

    You just need to find the right system for you if you wanna have success pretty early on and avoid stress and frustration. For that we have all the YouTube Linux channels and a plethora of boring blogs too. Alone in the closer circle around this blog there is Renard, Robin, Karmi and Neil … and let’s not forget Becca who submitted an article of her own Linux journey on this blog: https://orcaflotta.blog/2020/09/01/sweet-summer-linux-girl/
    They all write about Linux with less or more intensity. I’m trying to culminate them by reblogging, and or linking. And sometimes adding my own Linuxy post.

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    • ๐Ÿ™‚ The good news is that non-tinkerers have nothing really to worry about because a person can inadvertently make their Linux system unstable with excessive tinkering.

      Since tinkering is allowed in Arch Linux, I will make a conscientious effort to tinker in moderation.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

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