Distribution Release: EndeavourOS 2021.04.17

I’m very sorry for harassing you with yet another Linux post, and not only that but an EndeavourOS Linux post. LOL, no, not actually sorry. 😉 As most of you very well know, I’m a huge fan of that specific distro and can’t shut up about it anyway. And as it so happens Bryanpwo just yesterday released a new snapshot: 2021.04.17.

Please keep in mind that EndeavourOS is a rolling release distro, which means this ain’t a new version of the OS, and when you have it already installed on your hardware there is no reason why you should install this new snapshot. After installation it will be on the same status as your already installed and updated version. Reason for the developers to release new Refresh ISOs every 3 or 4 months is to avoid the need to download gigantic masses of data for new users.

Here’s the release notice from DistroWatch:

Again: If you’re new to EOS or in need of a reinstall, please download and install this new ISO file and delete/ignore all older installation files. If you’re new to Linux in general, please don’t install EndeavourOS … like not at all!

Our friend eznix made the first review video:

eznix installed EOS with the LXQt desktop environment, which is very lightweight and the best for older hardware without sacrificing too much in regards of creature comforts. I know one could build a very nice but highly functional and super duper fast system from LXQt. So if you’re really operating on lowlowlow slowslowslow oldoldold hardware, LXQt comes highly recommended. 🙂

For the rest of us, the people in possession of modern, up-to-date computing machines, EOS comes with all the usual desktops and Window Managers for every taste and usage scenario.

As always: Dear n00bs, please don’t even try EOS. Period! And dear Mint users, please, if you feel the call of the Arch, you should try Manjaro first. It is like the Mint of the Arch world, a wonderfully complete system, not on a hectic update scale like EndeavourOS/Arch.

You’ve got quite enough of Manjo’s bloat and chaperoning and toxic forum? Welcome to the friendly EndeavourOS.


    • Ugh, babe, why so harsh? I could install vanilla Arch, particularly now with the new installer. But why would I? It just takes time to set it up afterwards to the bare minimum state we find in EOS right away. Desktop, Firefox, Pacman, YAY. All the things you’d install anyway.
      And it’s not pseudo. Manjaro is, yeah, but EOS is, like, 138% ArchLinux.


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