Corona Diary: Day 385

I’ve got two newnesses for ya, lovely peepelz. Which one you wanna read first, good or bad? I guess, since the whole topic is pretty bad anyway, one more news to dampen your good mood can’t harm. πŸ˜‰

Ugh, must I really ask again and again? WTF is wrong with people? “I’m bored with Covid-19, I wanna go to the beach party! Stop the lockdown now!!!”

Are y’all fuxn krayzee?

Now the good, the very good, news:

I guess I mentioned Russia’s superior strategy once or twice before. They didn’t outsource the job to private pharma corporations but had the state-owned universities and institutes developing a vaccine. This keeps questions about costs – and accountants – on the sidelines … and developing a working vaccine was the only objective. Now it seems Sputnik is the best of the bunch. \o/ YAY! \o/

Guys, no shit, if you have nothing better to do, stay home! It’s still the best way to avoid infection.

Cya laterz


PS: See what happens to people who attend beach parties …

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