Race Day 15A with Bandit 22LTE at Saint Aubrey

You might wonder about my report title today, but you will understand it later. Weather conditions were good yesterday and we didnt have local showers, but at the last buoy CS a doomsday.
But first things first. Reni, Nicci, Lisa, Ella, Erin, Lucy, Kim, Amy with crew Ester, Moon and Rugger came for our reversed B22 course with wind from South West and 21knots.

The fleet at the briefing
the nice line up (video by Hakiria)

We had already Ester in a shark costume sailing our races and yesterday Lucy surprised us as a little Caiman


The start went very well. Reni had the best timing and all others followed one after another without any issues.

the start (video by Hakiria)
the first 4: Reni, Rugger, Nicci and Lisa on the way to buoy CS
Reni, Rugger, Lisa, Nicci and Ella at buoy CS
followed by Erin, Lucy, Moon and Kim

Reni looked quite safe in her lead, but Lisa started her chase after buoy CS and caught up very close with Rugger on the first fast downwind to buoy OE and the following long upwind to buoy IS.

Triple duel Reni, Rugger and Lisa followed by the duel of Nicci and Ella at buoy IS
Erin and Moon in the following duel chased by the Caiman Lucy
Kim and Amy in their duel at the end of the fleet

On the following downwind and upwind legs to buoy OW Lisa passed Rugger and caught up very close with Reni.

Reni, Lisa, Rugger, Nicci and Ella at buoy OW

Moon hit at the tack around buoy IS Erin very light without overlapping and did a 360Β° without order, which let him fall back a little behind Erin, but he started immediately his chase after that.

Erin and Moon following Ella at buoy OW
Lucy and Amy followed Moon at buoy OW

Lisa raised the pressure a lot on Reni on the next fast downwind part to buoy ON, but Reni could still resist and stayed close in the lead

Reni and Lisa in their duel at buoy ON
Rugger and Nicci in their duel at buoy ON following the leaders
Moon passing Erin on his chase for Ella at buoy ON
our Caiman catching up close with Erin at buoy ON
Amy with her crew Ester at the end of the fleet at buoy ON

Lisa could pass Reni on the following upwind leg to buoy CN and kept her lead on the downwind leg to buoy OE.

Lisa before Reni at buoy CN
Rugger and Nicci still in their exciting duel at buoy CN

Moon could pass Ella and Lucy could pass Erin on the upwind leg to buoy CN

at buoy CN 5th Moon, 6th Ella, 7th Lucy and 8th Erin
followed by 9th Amy

On the upwind leg after buoy OE Reni stroke back and tacked a little earlier to buoy CS than Lisa. I had my cam ready for their little duel on video

This was what i called the doomsday – the end of the race, because the sim Collhaytah with buoy CS was restarted by LL just in the moment Reni and Lisa had entered and all others followed to ran into the hole.


If the rolling restart routine would have waited only 3 more minutes all would have been good, but unfortunately the whole fleet crashed there after some awesome racing. And it seemed that all would have finished without this as well. WHAT A SHAME.

Normally a rolling restart for Main Channel takes 8 hours and it is done before the race start. But yesterday i lasted more than 12 hours. That would have been not really a problem if the normal restarting routine would have been used like in the past, which means our race area would have been restarted 2-3 hours before our race. But well it was April 13th yesterday…

the restart situation around St Aubrey unfortunately with the worst timing ever (picture by Hakiria)
the doomsday party at the Marina St Aubrey (picture by Hakiria)

This was one of the really exciting races with many close duels and it seemed that all would have finished, but the April 13th hit us…. what a shame.

We will repeat this race next week again with the same wind from South West and hope we can repeat the fun, but this time to the very end.

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you back next week.

hugs and kisses


  1. LL are such assholes! 😦 Can’t they see there’s a race going on before hitting the off button? Don’t they get notices? I also think they just don’t care. As long as the shopping events are going nicely they are happy. And fuk all the avies who wanna use SL for real stuff.

    Lucy??? WTF? I hate hate hate all those lizards, big and small. Why are you dressing up like one?

    Liked by 3 people

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