Corona Diary: Day 383

Hallo! \o/

Just a quick Covid-19 update for today, since I’m still fighting with Nvidia driver on my newly installed EndeavourOS computer. But more about that shit later. Now we care about an almost forgotten but stil very active global pandemic.

So, Johnson & Johnson is gonna save us all after astrazeneca turned out to be a shitsoup. Really?

See, the thing is South Africa has already ordered enough Sputnik vaccine doses, which we will get without any problems. Because contrary to the USA and it’s stupid EU henchman we’re good frens with Russia and love to do bizniz with them. But don’t mind us, we’re just a shithole country.

Okay, let’s check the news in time-lapse:

Bad timing to talk about the cost of live-saving vaccines. What are we, American bean counters or sumfink?

LOL, the suicide rate. Idots are too cowardish to end themselves but hoping for the virus to take care of their problem?

And the EU is again much too clever for its own good. Sacrificing human rights of their people on the altar of tourism capitalism. Sounds fascist, no?

The last 2 newnesses are boring and making me angry at the same time. J&J was twice as expensive as astrazeneca but the same dirty soup. Asking me, I’m just happy to have neither in my veins yet. Let’s hope Sputnik will finally be the good brew we all hoped for. But coming from a nation famous for stilling the bestest vodka, my hopes are high! πŸ™‚

You peepel stay healthy and out of trubbelz, ok?


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