Top 5

Umm … we’re in it, boyz n grrlz! \o/ YAY! \o/


Finally, after a year of doing nothing, at last we’ve cracked the Top 5 Linux distros in the whole world. No, not in real installation and user numbers, nobody knows those, but based on some completely arbitrary method, counting page hits. Doesn’t matter, the very few of us ungeeky, non fact-based, romantic Linux users, we see DistroWatch’s ranking as an indicator which distro is the talk of the town distro right now. Good enough. And see the increments we’ve beaten Ubuntu by? 2 H.p.D! That’s all. And see the gap between us and #4, Pop!_OS? They are on a whopping 2095 HpDs, compared to EOS’s 1396. That’s a difference of 700 Hits per Day. Every day!

I guess we don’t even wanna go there. 😐

More about Pop!_OS and Orca’s computer trubbelz in a post later today. But for now it’s 7:22 and I should leave for the gym.



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