Oubaas Gets New Shoes

Rubber boots to be more precise. πŸ˜‰

Wanted to drive off to the gym this morning and noticed rear left tyre was flat. 😦 It’s already the third time with that specific rubber. 😦 Obviously it withstands all attempts to repair it mostly unimpressed. As you know I wasn’t too fond of the silly 225/45 profile anyway, so on a whim I decided to get Oubaas new wellies all around.
Here we see one of the fitment specialists trying to figure out how high a profile my van can take.
As it turns out 225/65 will fit … snuggly. But it fits!
Byebye skinny roller-skates, hello fat adult tyres!
Even the emergency wheel got brandnew rubber.
In front of the grocers: Looking good, looking stately, looking like a thousand bucks. And the driving … I can tell you, it’s like floating on clouds. And, I could swear, even parking manoeuvres are more easy now.

5 new wheels wasn’t cheap. Unexpected and rather unwelcome. But I guess in the long run I saved us some money. Because we won’t go for cheapo new rims now but stick with our lovely ones. And once Oubaas get’s power steering the 225 width won’t be a problem anymore anyway.

Alea iacta sunt.


    • My thinking exactly, Tom. And the few little clicks I’ve droven since Oubaas coming of age are proof you and I, we were exactly right. Gone are the days of backbone splitting roughness, we’re floating on clouds now.
      No, not really. This thing ain’t a Citroen, it was never build for comfort, and the axles were already outdated in the 60s. But the driving is as cuddly and comfy as this workhorse goes. At least on these rims.

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    • “Sadly I can’t see the images.”

      Hubby had the same problem today. And I’m like, all hectic, doing speed tests and hubby checking his settings … all normal. His waifu’s blog is the only unrestricted website he accepts without any filtering. Also for me the internet was crawling. Do a speed test …all normal speeds but I see what I see, experience what I experience. ISP or fibre company must’ve doctored around on the network.
      Anyway, long story short, suddenly photos appeared for hubby and my internet speed is back to speedy.

      You should try it again, Neil. Give my blog a chance. πŸ™‚

      “your weight”

      Ya, wot about my weight? You mean my featherweight physicque? I’m not an American, Neil, I don’t need big fat trucker seats. Already swapped my Ford Sapphire seat for a VW Caravelle driver’s seat coz it’s got a fancy armrest. Comfy enuff for skinny me.


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