Phuk Dis Sheet! :(

Good night peepelz

6:28 a.m. and I send my frenly greetings from a freshly set-up EndeavourOS Linux system on my good-as-new upgraded MiniMax computer. Yes, after only 2 days of halfways ok-ish service (sans Nvidia driver) after last night’s update it’s turned again into a cesspool of unpleasantness, and I had to re-install the whole system. 😮 By now I’m so sick and tired of all that shite.

Plan of action: Bring MiniMax in to repair lady, let her deal with all the crap. If nothing helps – return the Gigabyte board and get a good one from Asus. ;(

Back to square one: MiniMax 5 minutes ago. 😮

Ok, one more hour of naptime, and then off to the gym and computer repair lady.




  1. With that chipset and new cpu you probably have 4-10 more months before AMD and Linux get together on what is needed. Switching to asus won’t make a difference, unless with a downgrade of the board (possibly major downgrade). Gigabyte states at the bottom of the boards specs that “Due to different Linux support conditions” that you will need to go to other chipset vendors for drivers. Maybe try another distro that is more stable or go with windows 10. Bite the bullet and go back to intel is another option.

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    • Really? AM4 boards are in use since many years and Ryzen 5 is out since a while. And why would another distro that is stable – which translates to not-up-to-date in Linux speak – be better than my distro which supports the latest hardware?

      Oh, and the downgrade from B550 to B450 chipset isn’t recommended at all.

      Can you please give me the URL to the Gigabyte specs? I don’t have any paperwork, must have been lost somewhere between the Gbyte agents and my hardware lady.


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