Sunday, Archy Sunday!

Mörnsen humans

Already 8:02 a.m. and not many nifty things to find on the innerwebz to report about. So I just drift around aimlessly and inevitably land on Linuxy web pages. For example on the Linux Kernel Archives:

And what do we see there? Nothing unexpected. Linus (the man himself) and his Kernel group have released version 5.11.13, which is the absolute bleeding edge of the forefront of technology while Orca’s MiniMax is running on 5.11.12. So, as you can see, ArchLinux systems are always on super duper brandnew software versions … but a little bit behind on the Kernel itself. For reasons; stability and security n stuff. We Archy people are brave and modern but not suicidal, ya know?

I mean, I could download 5.11.13 right now, install it and ruin my running system in a heartbeat if I really wanted. 🙂 But again, Orca is a trained stunt avie but her RL puppet player is just a rather ungeeky housewife. So of course, boredom or not, I’m gonna wait until upstream will send down the new version and it will install on my computer automatically. This will still be plenty earlier than all the Ubuntu and Mint and Debian and what else Linux distros will ever get it.

And while roaming around why not have a peek at DistroWatch, just to see what’s what. Boring, oh so boring. Latest distro releases, Linux Lite, MX and Ubu beta are dating back ten days! It seems the Linuxverse is settled, mature and as established as can be. Only thing missing are the masses of users. :/

And did you notice, in the charts over to the far right side, Endeavour has sneaked up to Ubuntu. Only 5 daily page hits are keeping us away from occupying the #5 rank. And Ubu has stagnated. I guess tomorrow we’ll be there. 🙂

Me, I don’t care much, so I won’t even ask you to visit to bring up the click count. No, never would I do that. Never ever. =^.^=

No, honestly, don’t do that. Don’t click on this link: Got it? Don’t you dare clicking this shit:

Cya when I cya



  1. Not at all. Coz I’ve never been to any college, just a university. And the only numbers and statistics we read there were historical dates and numbers of victims, if at all. I studied history, so I’m not doomed to repeat it, ya know. And I only got my first computer when the electrical typewriter I borrowed from a friend gave up its ghost in the middle of typing out my dissertation and I lost my sanity. That was in 92 or 93 or sumfink.

    What do the numbers tell us? Ubu gained, all the others lost. That’s natural and logical. Particularly since Ubu is the only one of those distros that is made for human beings. Why they left out its forks, Mint n stuff and the techy wonder Arch and its forks remains a riddle. Coz that’s where the music is playing these days. And they only included Debian in the statistics? No MX, no LMDE, none of the countless other Deb forks?

    That whole table to me looks like incomplete, unreliable, insignificant data anyway, since desktop computing in the age of the smartphone had to take a backseat anyway. I guess if they had an Android category that thing would be sky high.

    Only number that doesn’t make any sense for me is RHEL’s 1.1%. Down from 21.2%? Isn’t Red Hat that giant unfriendly, super duper rich office monster anymore? And where is Oracle? Nobody working in corporate offices anymore? Okay, who gives a fück about those? And here is the crux: All, those numbers, what are we supposed to make of them? Don’t use Linux. Throw away your expensive PCs and buy a smartphone instead! But if you are stubborn only go with Ubuntu since everybody ‘s doing it? FUK DAT!

    And here is the abolute stumbling block for me: Where did they get the data from? They have no clue how many Linux distros are installed on machines around the planet! It’s anonymous af, they can’t know. We don’t use real names, but Orca Flotta installs 5 systems from one and the same downloaded ISO files. So she alone counts for 5 users, eventhough it’s just her and hubby. And what about the many many idiot dual booters and VMs? They got factured into the stats, too?

    And who gives a flying fuk anyway? Can’t I have some fun with my computers?


    • yore yôr►

      Time long past.
      Same as yare.
      In time past; long ago; in old time: now used only in the phrase of yore—that is, of old time; long ago.

      If you wanted to say ‘your’ I guess you used the wrong terminology. But what do I know?

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      • I like the word yore because it can be used in so many ways…can also be defined differently in different dictionaries, e.g. a Urban dictionary.

        Depending on how it is being used – Yore can mean “long ago” or “you’re” (as in yore funny) or “your” (as in yore mother or yore ma). 😉

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