Not for you. But for me! Teehee. πŸ˜‰

Yay! MiniMax is back. And the fukn Gigabyte tech told me I can’t use Linux but on his Windows test everything was ok. Okay, whatever man. 😐

What an asshole. He compiled his test with a Windows install on an external hard drive. Computer repair lady, too, said you can test computers only with the software installed on the machine. Fuking Gigaybte techy just wanted to get rid of the computer and the angry German bitch. He very aggressively told me he had to manually set the timing of the RAM sticks, like I or repair lady should’ve done it. But it was he who put the machine together. What a dork. 😐

After putting MiniMax back on his regular place in the shelf, first thing was getting rid of the Linux Mint install I just put on for testing purposes. I swapped it for my beloved Endeavour … and everything is fine now … after 3 or 4 reinstalls. Even the Nvidia graphics driver seems to work. Machine is not fully customized yet but we’ll get to the finishing touches tomorrow.

After some problems throughout the day, and me almost ready to give up, it seems like MiniMax is behaving now. Well, he better. Fukn upgrade was expensive enough and the computer shouldn’t give me any problems … at all.

Next mobo will be Asus! =^.^=

Oh, and Gigabyte tech: Windows on my MiniMax? Not gonna happen!


    • “I am happy for you, Orca.”
      Thank you. I don’t know if I can be happy since my trust in Gigabyte and particularly their Cape Town agents is broken. It’s not a good feeling painstakingly customizing your machine just right for yourself … and two days later it all falls apart. :/

      “Arch Linux will work on almost any hardware”
      Yes, Renard. Every Linux will work on every hardware! It’s the fukn anno domini MMXXI, we expect everything to work. Buuut Mint has a special reputation to work on really everything, from your washing machine to the toaster oven. And baby easy at that. That’s why I choose to put it on for the techy, so not to give him more stress, overburden his small biased brain and deliver more ammo against me.

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