Any of My Readers so @$$fukingly Stupid to Have a Facebook Account?

Geez, I hope not. Orcablog readers are intelligent, educated, adult human beings and would, never, never ever fall for a useless soul trading scam like Facebook. No, you wouldn’t do that!



Pleez, tell me you’re not one of the 533,000,000 most stupid shitheads on the planet! Pleez, say it ain’t so. :/

Didn’t I just say exactly the same? And … did you listen?

Oh my. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  1. It’s ok, they only got my old landline phone number which has been out of service for years. Yes, I still have a Facebook account. Yes I hate them. But it’s my only way to keep in touch with friends and family with pictures and such.

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    • Okeee … so you can’t use Skype or other forms of communication or … da innerwebz? Or a blog? When I wanna show pics to my frens, I send them as email attachments. Or I tell them to read my super duper bloggy! ๐Ÿ™‚


        • “Most people”

          There! You said it yourself. Most people, the KO word. Most people are stupid, didn’t you know? This ain’t the 60s and 70s with a glorious, intelligent youth, we’re in 2021, a society in decline. We shouldn’t bow down to the masses.


  2. I have a FB account for sales groups. My phone number is on dozens of Job CV sites, and was on my own domain CV for 6 months too. My mum doesn’t understand email attachments. I too hate FB

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  3. Lucky you, your mom at least knows how to operate a computer and can use email. My parents never passed the stage of switching computer on and playing solitaire. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ My dad once wanted to write his memoires, but after telling him for the thousands time he mustn’t use the Enter key at the end of every text line I just gave up.

    Too bad, he had an interesting youth as a jewish bastard with a communist father that was a decorated war hero from WW1 he always slipped by on the lucky side. Contrary to all his class mates he wasn’t allowed to join the Hitler Youth and wasn’t been drafted into the miltary. So he was the only survivor of his class. All the others died in Stalingrad. And when on 8 May 1945 (his birthday) everybody was talking about the Brits were taking Hamburg, his guard (my dad was a forced worker, building bunkers for the nazis) threw away his MP and uniform and ran home. So my dad shrugged and went home, too.

    Cool story. Just too bad the last time my dad was using a keyboard was on his old mechanical typewriter 20 years earlier, and in his senile obstinency he couldn’t wrap his head around modern word processors. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    • What a shame that would have been a very unique book to read.
      Funnily I saw a picture of my grandad for the first time ever as a youth in military clothing about a week ago. A fellow bus driver looked him up on

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  4. Wonderful. Just wonderful. As if Facebook’s fash-friendly content moderation contractors (like Teleperformance Greece) who’ll ban you if you dare talk back to a nazi, while giving a free pass to death and rape threats by nazis weren’t enough, now there’s yet another sensitive private data leak. In the EU, this is a major violation of the GDPR. I hope they get sued out of existence.

    For the record, I have an RL account; as for my SL account, it was purged way back. Aaaaaaaaaaand in the meantime, Linden Lab, as well as various SL pundits, advise people to leave Flickr, DeviantArt, Twitter, VVO, and what have you, and move to Facebook / Instagram. Not in a million sodding years.

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    • “Not in a million sodding years.”

      Thank you, Mona! You got it right. Linden Lab and its pundits are, let’s not forget that, an American capitalist company, so we should never ever expect politically correct, or at least liberal, or in any way sound decisions from them. We’ve seen often enough how quickly they are ready to sell out.

      “I have an RL account”

      Oh. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Care to explain why?

      I’ve never found a reason to become a member of FB, never saw any benefits of that scheme. Otoh I’m an introvert and find a busy social life rather disturbing than satisfactory.

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        • “everyone is there”

          No, I’m not there. And nevertheless lead a happy simple life, with lots of time to spend on myself and living in the moment. All my electronic and electric appliances I use as tools rather than toys. I don’t have anything I don’t need and I’m not member of any scheme I don’t need neither.


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