Only 40 Hits per Day …

… is all that divides EndeavourOS from passing Ubuntu! After a little stop’n’go in the last couple days we’re again closing up quickly to Ubuntu.


Quite extraordinarily they have even a sinking HPD count while we’re climbing steadily. Passing all the other distros until now was just harmless stupid fun but beating the mostest famoustest Linux distro in the world is still harmless and stupid but no fun anymore. 😐 As an Ubuntu hater I made this my personal goal to see it through, to witness EOS kicking Ubu’s @$$!

Why? Because Ubuntu is shit and Endeavour is The Shit! That’s why! 🙂

And because, let’s be honest here, after Ubuntu we enter the heavyweight arena. For some reason or the other Pop!_OS is the talk of the town right now and the 3 guys above it are just there. They are immovable as mountains, living legends all. I’m not even sure if we should try to mess with those giants. Getting into the Top 5 is Top Honours for an amateurish little freaky geeky Archy project.

We leave them brutes to it and watch from our position at #5 (soon!)

I mean, we should be happy to be in the Top 10 at all, or the Top 20 for that matter. Endeavour isn’t even alive since 2 years now, and look what they’ve done, what they’ve achieved! 🙂


  1. Ubuntu’s losing its appeal to me since it got into bed with bill gates.
    Its part of the reason I’m moving away from mint. That and the softwares all out of date

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    • Yes, I don’t understand that at all. Everybody’s like “Clem, you gotta cut ties with Canonical once and for all and concentrate on LMDE!” but he’s like “Naaaw, it’ll be fine.”

      I can’t hardly wait for the moment when Endeavour passes Ubuntu in the DW charts. But ok, it’s a freakish Arch distro, it’ll never get to Mint … but MX did! A friggin Debian as Debian can distro ffs! Pushed Mint of its throne. After it was already passed by Manjaro!

      I mean that was the moment for Clem to rethink his release strategy.


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