A Brief Look at Ezarcher Linux

One of the most prolific Linux YouTubers – not in the sense of video output but in the sense of creating his own Linux installation scripts and full distros – is old man Eznix. I guess I tried one of his earlier scripts a couple years ago and found it was far far faaaar above my pretty noggin and my housewifely cognitive abilities. Now I’ve heard he made 5 versions of his own ArchLinux distro that is supposedly super easy to install … and my curiosity was awakened.

So yesterday I downloaded his brand new Ezarcher, not in Cinnamon taste but the Mate version since this wasn’t supposed to be for you but for me. I’m a Mate girl and when I run into problems I want at least to operate in an environment that fits me like a glove and not having to dabble with stuff I’m not really familiar with.

So let’s see how it went so far:

Installation indeed went easypeasy and after just a few minutes I was greeted by Mate’s superfugly bog standard desktop. Okeee, we can live with that.
Then, first things first, we start a complete system update, which went quite quickly, since these ISOs are only a few days old.
But then it’s over and done with any comfiness, since this is pure ArchLinux, absolute pure, no luxury allowed here! I even had to install the AUR (Arch User Repository) helper YAY (Yet Another Yoghurt) by myself. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Fortunately Linux users, and particularly Arch users, do in fact rule the interwebz. So just type a stupid question into a search engine and the results are plentiful and helpful. So typing in some commands I didn’t understand … et voila, I find a usable AUR at my service.
Why did I do all this geeky stuff? Because I wanna make my life as easy as possible and install the nifty Brisk Menu and swap it for the old 3-pronged classical Mate menu.
Okayyyy, the modern Brisk menu is in place, the old one removed, I customized the desktop a little bit and added some basic additional programs. Gparted is a must have, Warpinator is cool to send these screenshots to the other computer, and Firefox and Thunderfart don’t need any explainification, right? Gaga is ready for service. ๐Ÿ˜‰

No shit, Gaga is now almost on the same level, of awesome as GagaMore. Maybe even awesomerer because I did this all by my little self! ^.^ I guess I’ll keep Ezarcher on Gaga for a while and will add some more stuffz. So I can wholeheartedly recommend Eznix’ selfmade distros!

Ya, if you’re cool with ArchLinux and love to tinker and stuffz. For the lazy Orca there is EndeavourOS which is just that decisive little bit more comfy and easy to use. You know when I was fresh on EOS I felt left alone in the desert; little did I know how real totally and utterly alone one can be in a freshly installed Ezarcher. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

So, no, my sistas, if you love your Minty goodness, by all means, stick with it! And should the fancy tickle you one fine day, as it happened to Orca, and you wanna experience Arch, the best way to go is Manjaro. Gives you all the benefits of a real ArchLinux but is almost as comfy as Mint. I won’t swap my Endeavour for Ezarcher neither. That’s a bit above my paygrade. ๐Ÿ˜

Here’s a short video by Eznix in which he announces his latest Archy spins:

And here’s the Old Tech Bloke explainifying the new Ezarcher softwares for us stupids:

Are you mental? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ You wanna download that stuff and try it out for yourself? Boy/girl, you are on your own from here on out! ๐Ÿ˜


    • I consider it a must. The oldfashioned 3-pronged Gnome2 menu is a pain in the ass. But first thing I always do is deleting the lower task bar and pulling the upper bar down. Pheeew, already much better. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And well curated distros have done these things already when you install them. Mint, as always, sets a good example, and Manjaro, I guess, too.

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