Second Life Destinations – Cravone City

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Inspired by New York, Cravone City is an urban region that is great for photography, roleplaying, and hanging out. Come explore the shops, cafes, and parks. With numerous streets and alleys, Cravone provides plenty of ways to get lost and find yourself again.

Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres


  1. Hmm, quite the conundrum? I just said I don’t like cartoon movies. But could me as a cartoon AV in Sl go to this New York place and have good time? Yes! i don’t think of myself in SL as a cartoon. i might be all pixels and stuff but it it all me when I am there. Controlled by a real person in real time is different, yes?

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    • I think you’re right. Most of us aren’t RPing when we log in world. We are ourselves, only cuter, more daring, unkaputtable, sexually experimenting. Oh, and we have the coolest dwellings and toys and cars and planes and bikes and yachts …


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