Monday, Bloody Monday :(

Ugh. Kidz, it’s not good, actually I’m at a low point.

Does that mean things are gonna get better from here on out? Hopefully. But first look what irks me so badly:

Brought MiniMax to the Gigabyte agents. Fortunately no technician was present so I only had to deal with a cognitively disabled secretary lady, which I had to explain the error to at least 3 times, and didn’t need to shout at stubborn techies. Which will happen sooner or later anyway, once they notice MiniMax isn’t running on Windows and their childlike reflex of wasn’t me, is your own fault sets in. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Is it my problem they are not properly educated and can’t operate Linux machines?

I’m already angry. Grrr. :

\o/ YAY! \o/ Oubaas’ windscreen has arrived at the mecha’s garage. And look, it seems to be in one piece! Now mecha will make appointment with a mobile carglass guy to remove my old, cracked windscreen and then he can start repairing/welding/derusting the frame. Good thing. Now I must just extract the costs for the operation from the bad bad painter guy. Too bad that I am just a white woman and less than dirt in his eyes, so I see us already disputing his responsibility in the small claims court. These guys are so shifty, they never pay without court order … and even afterwards they’ll try to re-negotiate with you personally. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can already see it in my imagination. ๐Ÿ˜

And now … bugger off. Please leave me alone!


    • Nowhere in AMD’s specs it is stated their shit don’t werk on Linux. Quite the contrary. I’ve heard from many over the moon happy AMD Ryzen users on Linux.

      I have a good feeling about this one mechanic. In the business since ’86, old Afrikaner, salt of the earth type, oozing competence. He’s got already some of Oubaas’ problems fixed the experts couldn’t find any solution for. Even the neighbouring 8 Crate Garage, where they specialize in old American vehicles, come to him when they are at the end of their wits.

      He’s now gonna redo my cockpit and then slowly, panel by panel, respray the whole van and fixing what my recent painter fukked up. Starting with the frame around the windscreen which my recent painter just haphazardly stuffed with bodyfilla. It’s already bubbling up and falling apart. and I don’t trust him to do it any better. ๐Ÿ˜


      • I thought your problem was with the Gigabyte AMD board only? Gigabyte AMD board under “Specification” lists only Windows 10 as a supported Operating System. AMD lists Windows 10, RHEL, and Ubuntu for that processor.

        Sounding good at mechanics!

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        • Yes, it’s just the board I guess, why? And for a mobo the OS shouldn’t really matter, no? I didn’t have a choice anyway, my repair lady negotiated with the Gigabyte agents. They, too, know that I’m on Linux. And as a matter of fact every PC hardware is Linux compatible by design. If it doesn’t work the fault lies with incompatible drivers.

          I never ever read any specs, will not start with such a bad habit now.


            • You think so? First nobody gave me the manual for the board or anything worthwhile to read. No ATTENTION: NO LINUX! warnings or anything.

              Is it asked too much of a simple motherboard to simply do its job … for longer than a week? As far as I understand mobos they have nothing to do with the operating system running on the computer in the end. Right?

              In fact they are pretty monolithic and uncommunicative towards the rest of the software. Actually I guess all the firmware, no matter if text-based or GUI, is written in Linux as well. They don’t even come close to each other. This mobo has some very autistic tasks to do: Automatically establish an ethernet connection whenever plugged in, and secondly recognize all external stuffz plugged into its USB ports. All long before we even install an OS on the machine. Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, you name it; they are all the same for our little mobo.


              It fails at that. With or without an OS. Even before I install anything, and even plugged into the router, it only gives me wifi internet connection but doesn’t recognize my wifi mouse dongle, or any other shit plugged into one specific USB port. No external HDs, no card reader, no nothing. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


              • “for longer than a week?” Sounds like the part of problem might be the rolling kernel. Reading the board’s specs was your responsibility and the specs state Windows 10 is the supported Operating System. I saw the model of board from a post of yours. Maybe you could sue the computer lady for not telling you what the specs were?

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                • “Sounds like the part of problem might be the rolling kernel.”
                  What is a rolling kernel, please? Arch being a rolling release model doesn’t mean the kernel is rollling as well. No, Linus and his kernel group publish a new kernel version about every fortnight, and by no way did they have any reason to sabotage ethernet- or USB ports.

                  “Reading the boardโ€™s specs was your responsibility”
                  No, my only responsibility was to pay for the hardware. Listen, we both know operating systems don’t affect the functionality of a mobo. Logic and technic render it impossible! Didn’t you read my last post?

                  “and the specs state Windows 10 is the supported Operating System.”
                  Yes, they write it in order for stupid as all fuck Windows users, so they know the board will work for them. Linux users don’t need artificial encouragement since we know how stuff works.

                  “I saw the model of board from a post of yours.”
                  Really? You read a post of mine? So why are you still needlessly arguing?

                  “Maybe you could sue the computer lady for not telling you what the specs were?”
                  Why would I do such a stupid thing? We’re not living in the fukn USA ffs. By now you should know that the OS doesn’t have any influence on the function of a mobo … because it can’t!

                  Say, are you by any chance a Microsoft agent provocateur? Please don’t degrade yourself and try your spiel with some more gullible girls.


                  • Oh, and btw, I know exactly the computer was off the night before, so there was no updating going on. I got up, switched it on, noticed that infamous AMD error message, repeated 6 or 7 lines, then noticed my internet was slow coz it had switched to wifi and my mouse stopped working. Had to put the dongle into a different USB port.

                    I even reinstalled EndeavourOS, then LMDE, then Sparky, and after that standard Mint. A distro that didn’t get any kernel update since a long while. All showed the same symptoms. Why are you refusing to see the most possible explanation, a hardware fault?


                    • But that is only followed by the most boring, burgeoise, cowardish users, the very few who didn’t get the idea of Arch at all. And as I said, and will hesitantly repeat for you since you seem to be slow on the uptake: There was no kernel update, or any kind of update, happening the night before! It worked superduper … and then it didn’t. Or as we in the Windows help dpt called it: The Iutwatid error.

                      BTW: You’re reading the EOS forum? Good for you … if you’re on EOS. If you’re not on EOS and don’t like Linux it’s rather creepy. But in any way you should have learned from there that EOS/ArchLinux isn’t to blame for my hardware probs.


    • Ran fine and sparked joy … for about a week. Then one fine morning I got the infamous AM4 error message and at the same time the ethernet port and Nvidia driver stopped working. Could only connect via wifi, which is unreliable and wonky. I dunno how y’all can live with that shit. Anyhoo, I suspect a hardware error, particularly since my hardware lady told me when she got the mobo it came in a previously opened box. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


        • They told me today I got a new one already and this wasn’t the one my repair lady had to deal with. Still, I’ll insist on a new one. They sent me on a wild goose hunt with my old mobo already, always fixing my shit so it holds up for 2 – 3 weeks any then failed again. They did this until the warrantee ran out.

          This time they are the original supplier and the upgrade to AMD cost me a shit tonne of moolah, so I’ll whoop their asses when they don’t satisfy me! Imagine, I even bought a second 16 GB RAM stick from them. And they are treating me like a beggar. Usually my repair lady is supposed to deal with these people, that’s why I let her handle the upgrade. But she’s still busy in Jo’burg for some more weeks, so I took matters in my own little hands.

          Much good it did. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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