Last OFFshore test race with TMS-I-Mocca60 at Saint Aubrey

The title of this blog might be confusing, but it is right. I stop the test races at St Aubrey now. Next week we will start the cooperation with NYC and will do the “real” races. NYC will start next week on Sunday, 1:30PM SLT with their races at Blake Atlantic and we will do the other week our race at Saint Aubrey and i will add soon two new winds to make the course even a bit more challenging.
This will give the racers the chance to learn to sail the boat on shorter and on longer courses in two different areas and the RDs of NYC and me the chance to race this boat as well sometimes.

Yesterday Lisa, Kim, Viv, Sea, Moon, Sirius with his crew Angelique and Larry with his crew Katie to race the latest update V2.8 of the I-Mocca60 on our course 1 with wind from South West and 18knots and we had lots of spectators around the course as well.

boats slowly lining up for the briefing (video by Hakiria)
finally all ready for the briefing
the closeup of boats and sailors (video by Hakiria)
the start of the fleet shows all the dynamic and beauty of this boat (video by Hakiria)
Larry first at buoy OE followed by Lisa,
Sea, Siruis, Kim and Moon
the fleet on the first long upwind after buow OE on different routes (video by Hakiria)
Larry, Lisa, Viv, Moon and Kim on their way to buoy CS and IS (video by Hakiria)

We saw in this race that this boat needs a bit more planning with tacks and routes and some more watching of the dots on minimap. Viv took an early tack to the buoy CS. Lisa crossed her line later on starboard tack and Viv realised too late that she cant sail around Lisa anymore and ran into her and did her mooring penalty.
Later around Degrand we saw Larry with technical issues (lag with his boat control) and after that short before buoy OW with too close windward sailing to Lisa and then Lisa not giving enough room for Larry at the buoy OW. The two were too fast for me to warn them before that and in the end i decded for both 1:1 in fouls and let them sail.

Lisa followed by Viv at the lighthouse
and Kim followed as well

After the sandy island a little later Viv didnt rez for Larry and he tacked. During his tack Viv rezzed for him, but he couldnt stop the action anymore and got his moor penalty for this. Right after this i got diconnected and needed some minutes to come back and find the fast boats again.

Sea got after she went around buoy ON in the wrong direction because of lag lost on the rest of the course.
I uploaded the race map as scale 2:1, but it was opened for Viv as 1:1 and that confused her on the course in the middle and she got lost as well.

Larry caught up with Lisa at buoy ON

Moon, Kim and Sirius followed the two leaders a little later.

I have reported already in the different reports of the lower performance we get week after week from LL. Now a new thing appears more and more. The boats stop at sim crossings. But not the way you know from the past when you could choose in your viewer preferences “Stop at the crossing” when the crossing were laggy and after that seeing the boat sailing again with the same speed as before.

No now the boats really stop. Speed goes down to 0 knots and the boat settings have to be adjusted every time new to accelerate again. This happened to Lisa and Moon 3 or 4 times along the course randomly and to Larry on every single crossing at the end of the race, approx on last 7-9 crossings.

Lisa finished first, followed by Larry, Moon, Kim and Sirius (video by Hakiria)
the after race beer and party at the dock (foto by Hakiria)

It seems that the performance in races on LL waters become worse every week and with every new rolling restart and server update and my feeling tells me that the havier scripted boats will get that more than the lighter ones. This can mean as well that if we get more “tourists” on those Monster Yachts from BBX or Endeavour or other really big boats it will influence the races around them a lot more than in the past.
The steadily decreasing server performance seems to start to decide not only single races but i am afraid soon more and more.

And what can i say now about the I-Mocca60 testraces? This boat needs more planing for tacks and gybes, sail changes and sailing around waypoints. It needs more watching of the surroundings either on the screen or the minimap. It happens that this boat reaches some points faster than we are used with most other boats and we all need to get used to that more in next races.
This boat is worth the practice because it is an exciting challenge and has a big potential for exciting races if SL will be better perfoming again in the future.

I am very curious what we will see in the next races at NYC and Saint Aubrey and hope some more will join us after some more practice.

Stay all safe and healthy and see you next sunday at NYC for another I-Mocca60 race.

hugs and kisses


  1. Thanks for hosting all these “test races”. It was my first yesterday and I found a lot to learn from the experience. Very interesting indeed.
    I have a few comments:
    First I did not get lost, as mentioned, but simply decided I had enough with my race and retired.
    I made some mistakes: bad assessment of our relative speeds leading to me fouling Lisa, then I hit a couple corners which forced me each time to moor, un-sit then re-sit. My bad and some time lost. But I would still have been competitive. However, trying to avoid Larry’s boat after he fouled me had me crash into a corner and bad sim and that took me a long time to recover from. I pursued the race for a while, but motivation was no longer there. After further incidents and errors, I simply turned back towards the YC, skipping the remaining 3 or 4 marks. No bad feeling, just some weariness after a long day.
    I have to say, I didn’t experience all the trouble others had on sim-crossses, except once I got withheld 1-2 sec on the cross from Degrand to Mon Bayete (I expected much worse as I could see Lisa’s ghost ship stuck on the border ahead of me).

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  2. “we will start the cooperation with NYC”

    I love that! Cooperation of clubs is what the community needs. Makes racing more versatile for the racers and no bad blood between clubs racing the same boat at the same day/timeslot.

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  3. ” ….no bad blood between clubs racing the same boat at the same day/timeslot.”

    I remember the time that we had races in Fruit on Friday, and an other club decide to keep races at the same time in Blake. Both clubs had races with the same type of boats. Smart? No

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    • I think you better read it again Dae. We dont do the same boat at the same day and time in both clubs. One week NYC will host the race and the other week we at St Aubrey will host the race… means we use 2 areas and 2 kind of courses but only one Yacht Club per week and always the same time and that is clever.

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      • That is not what i am saying Bianca. And I know what i was reading. I am not saying that St Aubrey and NYC are fighting at the same time about I-Mocca races.

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