Corona Diary: Day 367

Morning survivors!

A short but not so sweet post today. May I direct your attention to this news snippet?

People will be people. People are stupid assfukkaz! Hardly out of the heavy lockdown and enjoying the freedom of level 1, they’ve found new (old) ways to endanger and kill themselves. 😦

Why o why are we, the fair and stellar people, staying at home and adhering to all the Covid-19 protocols when those asswipes are just senselessly going on killing themselves with their reckless behaviour?

I’m slowly losing my faith in humanity and think they aren’t worth my support. Why do I stay home, why do I wear my facemask, why do I sanitize everything I touch … just for some asswipe to throw their life away in a drunken motorcycle accident or some drug fueled gangsta shootout?

Didn’t they tell us the post-corona world would be vastly different? Guess it’s not possible as long as the old gang of lowlifes is still in charge of life on this rock.

Sad airkisses


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