Corona Diary: Day 366

Happy weekend Whackadoodles! 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well and are clever enuff not to do like those fukn Africans.

Nothing much new to report today. Just the confirmation that our wurst fears are becoming reality. Look:

Working absolutely to the contrary of a struggling gvt, those religious nutz are fighting for permission to fill their churches to the brim with ultra gullible xtians and start mega spreader events! Should be illegal if you ask me. Churches serve no purpose, they aren’t supposed to be open in the first place!

Apropos “lag in vaccinations” …

All the Covid-vaccines? The first charge of J&J is already reserved and being given to healthcare professionals and the Astrazeneca shit we got a couple weeks ago has been returned to sender afaik. Oh man, this is all so confusing.

“What, I can’t get vaccinated right nownow? Ok, then I’ll go to the party/church service without any protection, and when I die it’s the gvt’s fault!”

Why can’t people just shut up and stay at home? This is the best way to avoid spread and a third wave, ffs!

“there is no justification for yet another alcohol ban.”

Hey, hello! What did I just say? Does nobody ever listen here anymore??? Stupid Afros. Getting drunk isn’t essential in the fight against Covid-19! Can’t those lobbyists get that in their fuked up capitalist noggins?

What can the president do? Not much if his population is like this …

Stupid, stupid people. Now we know why there’s such a run for the vaccines. They just wanna go on as always, thought- and brainless and without a care in the world.

Know what? I had it! Up to here! (/me points a finger at the nose above the mouth). If they can’t have any discipline and can’t spend a weekend without mega monster parties I’m slowly loosing my empathy for those doofuses.

You and me, dear readers, we are old, and we know better, right? We stay home whenever possible, we sanitize and wash our hands regularly. We eat healthy, we don’t consume alcohol or cigarettes … we survive!

Oh, btw, didn’t I state at the beginning of lockdown that the gvt ban of alcohol and cigarettes sale would be the perfect opportunity to shake the habit/addiction? While I had to trick myself into non-smoking (“you can’t get cigarettes, so stop whining”) for all my fellow South Africans (and other countries, too?) it is a reality! Without diverting into slightly criminal behaviour you couldn’t buy alc and smokes in South Africa for a while. And if the gvt gets serious it will again be banned at least during the easter weekend, most probably longer.

Let’s see if Papa Smurf will call for another family meeting in the next days.

I’m not happy about it! Don’t think I’ve turned into one of those militant anti-smokers and tea-totallers, absolutely not. Just saying grab the opportunity with both hands. It’ll save you so much money and gives you a helluva lot better quality of life.

See you peoples laterz



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