Manjaro Linux 21.0

Just a little reminder that Phil and gang have released the latest Manjo snapshot 21.0 just yesterday:

If you’re on Arch-y-ish distros for a while you know this isn’t a call to action for any of us since Rolling Release n shit. But for all of you who finally wanna go a step further away from Ubuntu-ish distros and take a good first sniff from the Archyverse, Manjaro is the best way to get started, and the best version is always the latest!

Well, here you have it!

And here is a widdioh:

Again: If you are already on Manjaro there is absolutely no need to do anything as 20.1 will install on a computer and bring it up to speed with the latest update on your locally installed Manjo. It will all bne the fuxn same! 🙂

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