Watch Out Ubuntu!

You better take care, the hot breath you’re sensing in the back of your neck is EOS’, in hot pursuit!

Hm, same phenomenon as with Debian just last week, Ubuntu is paralysed with shock. See, her HPD is frozen in while Endeavour’s is steadily rising. Not long, my frens, not much longer …

You see, my frens, as Orca alwas says: Cream rises to the top!

So wotz up with EndeavourOS and how come it is rolling up the charts in a seemingly unstoppable manner? Why are people falling in love with this operating system whereever it goes?

Up for some early morning Linux philosophy? Ok, let’s delve right into it:

See Manjaro on #2? It’s is more or less just a tamer, more curated, nannied version of the rough n tough EOS. And Manjo was even on #1 for some time, so it has shown and proven its long-term mass appeal as a Linux distro for the masses. The same masses you usually find on Ubuntu or Mint and all those run-of-the-mill normie systems. They are running Manjaro and enjoying its Arch-based simplicity and up-to-dateness, and the many desktops to choose from. One can say Manjaro plays the same role in the Archyverse as Ubuntu played in the world of Debian.

But how came this paradigm shift from Ubuntu-based to Arch-based systems?

Because they’ve found out Arch isn’t a geek-circus from hell, Arch is as uncrashy as Debian and all around just preferable. Manjaro was instrumental for that to happen. Together with this clueing up new Arch-based distros were popping up. Some small-scaled, very geeky systems, some broader stroked like Archman, Arco, Namib … and EndeavourOS. What differentiates EOS from the rest is that after install with the very easy-peasy Calamares installer you end up with a 100% compatible ArchLinux.

Ugh, what did I say, 100% compatible? EndeavourOS, by all means, is ArchLinux!

And that has a certain appeal for many Linux users. After they got their chops and honed their skills on Manjaro, they wanna throw off the safety belt of the infamous 2 weeks update delay (which creates trouble more often than avoiding it), they wanna get rid of back-up-plans and other nannydom.

What are you personally gonna do?

If you’re bitten by the bug and wanna toss your Minty goodness (why? Really, ask yourself why you wanna leave such a cuddly OS) install Manjaro first and get a hang of it. After that … stay with Manjo or branch out or do whatever you want. I guess once you’re a pro on Manjaro you won’t need any hints and nudges from a mostly clueless 50+ housewife anymore. But many people kinda find their way to EOS anyway; caused by internal struggles in the Manjaro community, often failing updates, too much bloat or whatever.

Is EndeavourOS a good beginner distro? Fuk NOOO! Not even a good Arch-beginner distro. But once you know how shit werkz you’ll notice it’s so much simpler. Not only simpler than Manjaro but simpler than Ubuntu, and all the other shit, too.

Just don’t ever confuse simple with easy.

ArchLinux is simple!

This is Arch! Change my mind?


      • Was that very brief message an execution notice?

        \o/ YAY! \o/ and congratz!

        And if you run into trubbelz … don’t come crying to me! You know I gotz no clue about shit. 😐 But the EOS forum is one of the nicest and most helpfullest, with very actively engaged devs and maintainers. So try your luck there.

        But I gotta say I only had 2 failures in my time on EOS. Both times an update didn’t finish. One was fixed by Arch upstream a day later and one was easily fixable by myself: Just copypasta error message into the interwebz, learn it’s a common thing, and then just follow the many many solutions. πŸ˜‰ No idea what I was doing but my EOS was happy again. =^.^=

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