So much to do


Leenda with another bout of lockdown blues, describes exactly how my day went as well … minus Cray. 😉

LeendaDLL (aka: The Bus To Sorry)

So little interest.

Think I I gakked this from Crankypants

I think it’s been a week since I showered. Really.

Today’s goals:

  • Vacuum. REALLY! Not well, inky the crappy Dyson is working, but vacuum none the less.
  • Change bed linens. I washed another new set from Target yesterday.
  • Maybe cut up and trash the back patio rug. I tried to slice it last week.. it’s tougher than it looks!
  • Mindless stare at nothing.
  • Read some chapter of course book & look up study notes.

I ordered a mini JBL wireless speaker today. I have a cheap old, larger, bluetooth speaker somewhere but it was never good. This is to supplement/replace my work pc speaker which is distorted and pointed the wrong way (to the tight) for me to hear it well. I was quite shocked when sharing with the seemingly hearing-impared Cray, that day at the office… I could barely…

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