Hello Germans

… and Gerwomans

I’m hearing you’ll have a lot of regional elections still coming up in 2021. So Orcablog as an educational instrument has following recommendation for you:

No shit, you know what I really think, dontcha? Don’t vote! Don’t play their dirty games, don’t let them verarsch you. In lieu of the recent pandemic we’ve all witnessed what a bunch of aufgeblasene Arschlöcher das sind. Not worth your valuable time. Not on a Sunday when you could instead sit at home, have coffee and cake and watch stupid TV shows. And aren’t we supposed to stay home anyway, and don’t mingle with other people at the voting station?

But Orca, what about our democracy?

Believe me, please, abstaining from the vote is the most democratic thing you can do these days, under the current circumstances. And particularly with these “leaders”.


    • The Greens with their Anti-Russian agenda and bürgerlich-spießige Verbotskultur? The Atlantic bridge hardliners? The Kriegstreiber? Those Greens? Really?
      It’s easy to be against cars and motorcycles when you’re sitting in your country mansion and living big and fat from your Studienrats- or Professor’s wages. These people didn’t have to commute for a single day in their lives. It’s easy to go all Green. 😦


    • No! And that’s why I don’t vote for any of them. In case you didn’t notice: The AfD didn’t benefit at all from the CDU’s losses, and neither did the Verräterpartei. The only party that benefitted were the Greens and they are only one of five German anti-democratic parties … and the most unsavoury one at that.


        • It’s the SPD, Karmi, German Social Democrats, a formerly nice party standing for human rights, worker’s rights, unions, all the good stuff. That was long ago. They moved from the left socilaist side of the spectrum into the center and don’t wanna have anything to do with the very few working people. Nowadays they are known as traitor party by friends and foes.
          And democracy is very low on any of those parties’ list of priorities. Even the Greens, formerly hippies, are nowadays the most hysteric anti-Russian warheads and Atlanticians. 😮 Since they were openly for the attack on Serbia during the Yugo civil war, they are Washington’s best agents here. 😦

          And the ex-socialdemocrats get the bill for their treason, sinking from nearly 50% of the votes into oblivion inside of 30 years.


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