A Computer with Carpet?

Very stylish, Lenovo, very stylish. 😐

Only Intel. Really? But at least their procis are slowly getting better. And despite it’s targetted at mom n pop home users (aka you n me) it runs Linux very nicely and has a overall satisfying performance. What you can’t do with the Mini 5i is put it upright like a tower or fix it to the backside of your screen. This compi is made to be seen! 😮

The carpet covering is an aquired taste but overall the Mini 5i is pretty yummy. Can’t go wrong with Lenovo.

The price seems very ok but otoh why don’t you just buy one of their professional models, which have more frontfacing USB ports, and are dirtcheap to have fresh out of leasing contracts n stuff.

Anyhoo, all the little Lennies are always cool and well worth their money fun providers. You know I’m running two of them on my desk and they never disappoint but working day in day out and are always ultra reliable, hard working office warriors and home entertainment machines.

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