The new version 2.75 of the i-Mocca changes all!


“Yes, it is a whole new boat!”
And when Vivipez says so we better believe her!

the Free Spirit Cup

Yes, it is a whole new boat!

See the impact on the polar map: +2 to 3 knots across the board! Max speed clocked at 27 knots with 18-knot wind!

As I was running back and forth across the Blake Sea trying to maximise speed for all points of sails, I came across one very interesting findings with this boat: to reach max speed is work! Especially, downwind, on the reach and broad reach, you need to work both the sail trim AND the keel setting to achieve max speed.

And eventually you get there, but only after the speed ebbs and flows somewhat as you adjust to the increasing speed progressively. Be patient, sometimes it takes quite a bit of time and space to achieve it. At other times, speed seems to max out lower until you realise the sail trim was off by a click, usually on…

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