Corona Diary: Day 357

Mornin’ guys!

I hope you’re all doing well. Me, not too good. Fukn computer still doesn’t accept the Nvidia driver so I’m working on semi load since days. :(And I really had planned on doing some pieces from inworld SL, maybe some sailing, building, sightseeing … well, all that’s gotta wait. :/

But you’re here to hear about the Covid thing, right?

  • Let’s see: First news I don’t get at all. Why are they talking about Pfizer-BioNTech vaccince, when apparently we got J&J’s?
  • Body pains and mouth ulcers are nothing new, as many inoculated people are experiencing these negative side effects since weeks and months.
  • SA revovery rate is stable at 95%, which is good, no?
  • And another story about severe muscle pains. We know, we know! Guess why I don’t wanna and stubbornly refuse the vaccination like one of the American republican idiots. 😦 Not that anyone would offer it to me in the first place. But that’s another story for another day.
  • Compassion fatigue and burnout increasing in health care workers? Really? How come? Tell me all about it!
  • Everyone will react differently? Come on IOL, come on! Do you think we’re all living under a rock? We all have heard the horror stories. But we also just heard from fellow TSB! reader LeendaDLL that she suffered only minimal discomfort after the vaccination. And she’s not even a poster child of physical health.

So of 6 featured stories all 6 are kinda redundant, don’t you think?

But, kidz, do I have a really positively sensationally horrifying newness for you:

Readycomprehendy the story and lookywatchy that video:

I hope you’re not turning bald anytime soon but perfectly and unfailingly healthy, guys. And you know how to achieve that. Right, wash and sanitize yourself often and regularly, stay away from other people, eat healthy, read TSB!, sleep a lot and generally be excellent to each other.

Cya laterz


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