Fourth OFFshore test race with TMS-I-Mocca60 at Saint Aubrey

I thought long about what i shall write in this report. It was one of these crazy sundays. We had 5 boats at the line (Laured, Sirius, Adeli, Nicole and Kim) for our IMocca60 course with wind from South West and 21knots yesterday.
I try to give a lot informations about the course and the line at the briefing and try to remind all that this is a big boat, which turns a lot fifferent then the little boats. But maybe i just talk too much in the briefing and all just think “God please make her stop talking and start the race”.

Laured, Sirius, Adeli, Nicole and Kim at the startline

Yesterday i just clicked the start button of the line and then i got disconnected. I didnt see them in the prestart, i didnt see them starting and i needed 2 tries to come back in.

The start video looks clear to me, but i cant say what happened in the west when all boats turned back to the line.

The start (video by Hakiria)

When i came back in and flew to the fleet they all were already around the first buoy OE and all looked fine again. It seems as if there were some actions already that i should have judged, but sorry i couldnt. Hakirias video shows these actions in the background, but not big enough to see what really happened:

The fleet at buoy OE (video by Hakiria)

This boat turns slower and wider than our little ones and it needs a good timing to change foresail. That means if i need to give room at the buoy i cant be really sure if it will be enough. If the one on the inside has the wrong timing for the sailchange she/he will do a much wider turn. Additional is that the boat slows down a lot when you still have the wrong foresail and the one behind with the better sailchange timing might run into it.
Even if i would have been there in time to watch all that it would have been very difficult to judge those actions. I hope with some more practice of all sailors this will become more relaxed in the next weeks.
Adeli was lucky that she arrived at the buoy OE first, could do her turn with a good timing and not disturbed by the others and sailed fast away from the fleet. The others went after their wider buoy turn a lot more to the northwest. They sailed close together and side by side, tacked to the south for bouy CS nicely and still sailed close together side by side. So i flew to the south to wait for them for the next tack to the west and planned to take a little video of their exciting duel.
But the sim they entered for that tack was one of the laggy ones yesterday. Laured crashed and her boat went by itself straight south through the group, Kim had a lot of lag on minimap and didnt see the dots in the right places. Nicole changed her course and Kim blocked her with porttack, Sirius hit one of them, because they appeared in front of him and he couldnt react and did his penalty mooring just in case. But on my screen i could only imagine this all, because the boats were flying through the air.
Sorry but i have no idea what i should have judged there with the strange things i saw on my screen. Nicole left the race after this, because she was frustrated about the “sailing without rules”.

I can only repeat that this boat needs a different handling with tacks in a group and in combination with suddenly more lag for some of this group it can be a mess. I really hope it will be more relaxed the next weeks.
During this mess Adeli sailed undisturbed and free far ahead

Adeli far ahead in front of all
followed by Sirius

Around Degrand island Kim got pulled off the boat, tped back in, but the arrowkeys rotated only her cam and didnt steer the boat anymore. She tried to moor to reset the boat twice but it didnt help this time and she deleted the boat and retired from the race.
Meanwhile Laured came back online after her hard crash, found her boat again, but was a bit confused on the course and sailed the second half and came back to the finishline.

Laured on the course after her comeback

Adeli seemed to be the only one without any issues and sailed lonely far in front and finished first followed later by the brave sailing and finishing Sirius with hie crew Angelie. The spectators at the dock still enjoyed the race and had fun.

Adeli and Sirius survived this crazy race (video by Hakiria)

I learned a lot during these 4 testraces already.
– The course is very good for the Imocca60 and can be used for several different wind to give it always a different touch.
– I changed the penalty to mooring for sailing this boat in a group and i think that works as well now.
– I moved the windwsetter closer to the line. So if there is an emergency during the start the wind can be caught now up to the middle of the line. But we should still use the routine, rez boat in marina and get the wind from there. Then i get the message from the windsetter and dont have to check all later again.
– During the briefing i try to give advices for the race and try to remind everyone to sail this boat differently and more carefully compared to the small ones we normally sail here.

I think this is still a good test for the future races and for the ones we will do at NYC every second week soon. After Europe will have changed to summertime as well we will start our race cooperation with NYC and will have then one week a race at NYC and the other week at Saint Abrey.
And a bit further in the future when Lalia will get more time again to make the next line version we will be able to connect this new line with one at NYC and can start the “club to club” races as well.

Stay all safe and healthy and hoppe to see you next week again.

hugs and kisses


  1. frustrated about the “sailing without rules”

    Well – I was rammed by a port tack boat. and as soon as i got free of him the next port tack boat came.. both were just following their course after the impact, but i was sent into the shallow waters between islands.

    Sorry for losing the fun on that race.

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    • as i said:
      1. If it was the boat of Laured then it was her ghostboat. She wasnt on it anymore at that time
      2. If it was Sirius. He did a “moor” penalty after that and i saw him doing that.
      3. If it was Kim. She explained it as i did before.

      So in this case it was mainly a question of lag and not of not following the rules.

      We all need to learn how this boat turns when sailing in a group or in a duel and i combination with sail change even more. But as Justin i am optimistic we all will learn that.


  2. @Nicole If it was me one of the boats colliding, please accept my sincere apologies. I didn’t even was aware of another boat nearby, also the dots on the minimap didn’t made me suspicious about the situation, till realized they all were flying around. So in consequence in future i will stop my race instantly, if i notice any boats flying around me. I’m sorry this race spoiled your fun and i hope, this frustration will cease overtime and you look forward for the next races.

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  3. “i just clicked the start button of the line and then i got disconnected. I didnt see them in the prestart, i didnt see them starting and i needed 2 tries to come back in.”

    Don’t forget, this internet stuff is all still “Neuland” for Mutti Angela. And Angela is the authority to define what’s good and what can be ignored as it is too new for Germans. So you can’t expect a reasonably fast and stable internet connection in Europe’s powerhouse. =^.^=

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  4. Sorry I missed the race entirely, and may miss next week’s also. I don’t know what LL is doing but sailing conditions have been poor everywhere as far as I tell from what others are saying. I know the very smooth border crossing have gone somewhere else, maybe even worse now then before the move to the cloud. Obviously more practice is needed by the racers to better learn this boat when in a fleet but I have confidence they will learn. Thank you Bianca for all the work you are putting into this.

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  5. The new version V2.75 is out now and its a lot faster. We will you that next sunday but i will reduce the wind to 18knots for that and see how fast the race will be.

    If that wont be enough to have a racetime around 38-40min i will do a little variation of the course.

    So please watch out notices in next weeks

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