1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Orca, Debian is not all that bad. As a matter of fact, Debian is one of the most stable distributions of Linux that anyone could ever use.

    By the way, I am rooting for EndeavourOS (It deserves a much high spot on DistroWatch).

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    • I never said Debian was bad. Quite the contrary. In fact I’m writing this in SparkyLinux since I just got a slight problem in Endeavour. It didn’t get better in Sparky so it must be my hardware. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Anyway, Debian is good and has its uses, but I’m not 143 years old and still can take care of the sys admin myself, so I love to always have the latest versions of every software. And I’m not an experimentator and tinkerer but leave my system alone most of the time and just use it as an OS. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So Arch is super duper stable enough for me.

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    • Sorry, Neil, can’t help you with that dilemma. I don’t have the expertise to tell you with certainty which OS you must try out in any case. I only have my own opinion and taste and my own use case. And for what I do and with my taste Endeavour/Mate is the ideal pair. And Mint/Cinnamon is a close 2nd or 3rd place, maybe LMDE instead of of the normal Mint. And maybe replace Mint with Sparky … somewhere in that ballpark. All the other bases are nonsense, and desktops are a taste thing anyway.

      And in a group of 100 Linux users I’d be a total outsider, so what is my advice worth anyway?

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      • your advice is from a non geek – an end user – just like me. I am currently installing LMDE4 on a machine to see which I prefer. Getting a little sick of the way Ubuntu is heading.

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        • “Getting a little sick of the way Ubuntu is heading.”
          As was Clem when he split Mint from the Ubu mothership, and as he was when he made LMDE and as he was just a couple weeks ago when he attacked Canonical for various the snap packages or whatever … and essentailly apologized for.

          Many, me included, had wished for a final split and Mint’s total commitment to Debian. Make more desktops available for LMDE, reach the amount of creature comforts of “normal” Mint and become #1 once again. =^.^=
          Like MX did it. You think they give a singular phuque about Ubuntu?


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