Corona Diary: Day 353

Yikes! Wotz happening in Europe? Iz dat da turd wave?

Isn’t it enough by now? Can’t Italy find a bit of peace and quiet please? While in all the neighbour contries things are slowly returning back to normal Italy tumbles from one blow to the next. Typical for a country that can’t even decide on a govmt. LOL

Reuters has a new Covid-19 tracker which presents always the latest pandemic headlines from around the globe:

Oh, and have you heard about those less than stellar hardly human bitches?

Yes, of course. Everybody has. The vid went viral and the bully bish faces criminal charges. Coolest thing is one of her co-sluts is wearing a facemask. Why don’t they harrass her?

O tempora o mores. Here in the real world you won’t even leave the house without your mask while those American human pretenders can even harrass and attack superior beings. 😦

I hope y’all behave better!

cya laterz



  1. SoCal is lifting restrictions to least restrictive, but not totally pre-covid on Mon. Limited indoor dining and entertainment venues. I won’t be participating. I don’t want to go back to that world!!!!!

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    • Gud gurl!
      Always when a gvt or local rep of the gvt lifts restrictions we can be quite sure it’s too early!
      I mean, ok, not everybody is living a recluse lifestyle or can survive comfortably in lockdown. I see that. But for everybody who can I see no logical reason why we should venture out and become part of the problem. I prefer to be part of the solution and I do that best by staying put at home.


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