Some Naíve Thoughts About the OVH Fire

Hello again.

I just spoke to hubby, who had a student job at a datacenter and got some enlightenment about what’s gonna happen in case of a fire. And don’t forget that was in the earliest nineties and IT wasn’t as advanced as it is today.

According to hubby a fire like that at OVH couldn’t have happened at all. Because …

  • Open flames and smoking were already forbidden back then
  • In case of a fire the server room, all doors would close automatically and fill up with a fire asphyxiating gas and extinguish all flames inside of a minute. In case you weren’t able to leave in time, ample amounts of gasmasks were to be found everywhere
  • Fire extinguishers were stationed everywhere, from the offices via the corridors and administrative terminal rooms to the kitchen and toilets
  • No data would be lost! Ever! Every night a truckload of media (at the time 256 MB datasettes) would leave the datacentre and be stored in a remote nuke-proof facility, and return another set of datasettes to be put back into the system. All this happened fully automatized, with sci-fi robot arms n stuff. No human interaction was needed or even possible, in order to avoid sabotage and industrial espionage
  • every employee of the datacenter was trained at security protocol. Even a cheapo student jobber like hubby. He was drilled about how to leave the premises as fast and save as possible and where to join the group outside of the compound
  • Nowadays all the computer equipment is made of flame retardent material! So a disgruntled employee/wannabe arsonist wouldn’t be able to start a fire in the first place
The OVH fire was not fine! 😮

Let’s not forget, when hubby – who was years from becoming my hubby – was jobbing there it was the stone age of computing. I guess PCs just made the jump from Intel 286 to 386 processors and we didn’t even had one ourselves but poor me had to type everything for uni on a typewriter. 😦 Can you believe that shit?

Can it be the physical data security today is worse than back then?

Lekker sushi!! 🙂

Something’s definately smelling fishy with OVH’s story.


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