Corona Diary: Day 349

Morning my fraggels πŸ˜‰

Today again no special news and spectacular statistics and overwhelmingly negative numbers but a social problem that became acutely important during the Covid crisis:

The article makes it all sound so dramatic …

Meanwhile, even though women represent the majority of health care workers, a recent study found that only 3.5 per cent of Covid-19 task forces had equal numbers of men and women. In global news coverage of the pandemic, just one of every five expert sources were women.

Hey, please don’t think I don’t sympathize with the plight of women during the pandemic – you know being one myself, and a marginalized caretaker of a high-risk patient – but I guess the minority of women in task forces is more of a selfmade problem, not a societal one. It’s not the highly specialized male doctors’ fault that there are only few equally qualified women in their field of expertise. It’s not their fault that most women prefered the easypeasy nurse job over a long and expensive university education, followed by long hours in labs and hospitals. Most women wanna have babies and spend their time with the kids and family and such nonsense, while men prefer to venture out and do the real “important” jobs.

I’m not complaining tho, my imaginary hat’s off to all the overworked frontline nurses and female ward doctors around the world. The pandemic response wouldn’t be possible without them. But please don’t hold other people responsible for your poor career choices.

You know who is also a huge and important part of frontline workers? All the cashiers in all the supermarkets and convenience stores! Badly paid, highly stressful, disregarded but oh so important for keeping the people feed and the economy going. In the beginning of lockdown I made it a habit of mine to thank them for working despite the high risk. They don’t complain about not being part of the supermarket task force, they’re just doing their jobs and keeping the society functional. Quite the contrary, they were grateful for still having jobs while their car mechanic husbands were sitting at home, unemployed, broke and angry.

Remember the video about the cleaning and sanitization of Wuhan’s train station and other public buildings? In those hazmat suits you would’ve found 80% women, too.

So yes, women are playing the biggest part and are the greatest workforce, not only during the pandemic but always and overall. We’re the backbone of society, creators and protectors of life! But, at least in the West, we are responsible for ourselves, our education, our jobs and our station in life.

Soooo, please senpai, notice us! Or don’t. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Meh.

cya laterz


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