Corona Diary: Day 348

Or is it already day 365?

Good day, fellow Covid-sufferers and -fighters!

Today marks one year since the first case of Coronavirus was discovered in South Aftrica, lockdown followed only 17 days later. For today’s diary entry I’ve chosen not some headlines but a kinda interesting video:

Today marks exactly a year since South Africa recorded its first COVID-19 case in KwaZulu Natal. This was the beginning of a very stressful and daunting time. Prof Francois Venter, deputy executive director of the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, discusses this. Courtesy #DStv403

Coming to think about it … Prof. Venter is correct when he says we’ve become a completely different society in the last year. Not just SA but the whole planet, all societies have changed. The world is a different one today. Am I a total asshole to say the world has changed for the better? I don’t wanna ignore all the deaths, the grief, the hardships, the loss of livelihoods for many, whole economies going down, humanity partly at the brink of failing.

But we’ve also learned a lot in the last 12 months. Not least that our glorious leaders aren’t worth a shit. Particularly in the Western societies we had to witness how all our govmts failed time and again to come up with plans of action, with actions to benefit the people. Not even in this time of a global pandemic they couldn’t stop making their shortsighted nationalistic politics, playing he petty blame-game, cheating other nations, enriching themselves while the people lost their jobs and weren’t sufficiently cared for by the crumbling health care providers.

I really hope none of us will forget and forgive all that! They don’t give a fuk about us, so why should we give a fuk about them? As I said before I’m not gonna vote ever again! None of the parties I know, and none of their politicians did look good during the pandemic. I mean it’s okay if they are clueless about what to do. Health care isn’t in the job description of most politicians, but why didn’t they at least admit their helplessness? It’s no shame calling the WHO for help and doing everything to assist them.

It’s a global pandemic ffs! Let the doctors do their jobs, assist and support them. Don’t go like Trump and silence your best experts for petty shit instead of listening to them and following their suggestions. Well, now we know. And I hope we know better and we’ll not forget the lesson.

We don’t need to be healthcare experts, our politicos don’t need to be healthcare experts either. But we should be humble enough to trust their expertise and follow their orders in a time of crisis. You know that the whole Covid-19 thing could be over and done with by now, right? Since half a year at least. And you also know why it isn’t dead yet. Yes, egomaniac, vain politicians. 😦

Let them talk, I will go on wearing my mask, I will sanitize and keep social distance. Because I can’t afford to die, and I don’t even wanna. πŸ˜‰ I hope you guys will do the same. And once Covid-19 is gone let’s restart the planet. With better politicians. For a better future.



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