Double Update

Ugh yes, you know … ArchLinux updates often. No problem. But I guess today was the first time ever I ran two updates on two machines completely independent of each other but at the same time.

How come?

Superduper computer MiniMax, although running on the same distro, with the same desktop environment, is a totally different beast from my small tiny and weaklish OrcNet netbook laptop computer. While I have loaded software up the wazoo, and a complex grapics driver and even an SL viewer (Singu 8419) on MiniMax, little Orcnet is more or less optimized for light workloads and only gets the Second Life viewer installed a day before we travel to Germany.

Needless to say OrcNet was finished after not even a full minute while MiniMax needed a while longer. Second Life is a very demanding application. 😐

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