Mint or Pop

Mörnsen, my beautiful babies

An important part of my daily dawn patrol is checking the most questionable chart ever, for EndeavourOS‘s position. No worries, my fave distro is save and sound on #7, following a steady upwards trajectory, and slowly closing in on Debian. We’re gonna pass grampa soon enough and then, some time later both distros will pass the stagnating Ubuntu.

But that’s not what I wanna talk about today …

May I direct your gaze on positions 3 and 4, please? What we see here is, maybe, a paradigm change. The relatively newcomer Pop! OS is gaining ground on our all favourite Mint. They are both based on Ubuntu but cleverer and betterer. In the case of Mint I know it for a fact and can vouch for Mint’s minty freshness; with Pop I only have a vague idea. But I hear it’s great and has gained a huge community ever since System76 came up with it. Hm, maybe I should give it a spin and test it out a little.

I’m always a bit sceptical when there is a commercial enterprise behind Linux distros. Plus I didn’t have any luck in earlier attempts to install Pop. 😦 Also it comes with the personally hated Gnome desktop, so won’t give you much of a choice. Whoa! I deffo need to have another look at it.

I know you guys are all fans of the Minty Goodness, and that for a reason. It’s just great … and also Orca recommends it! 🙂 That clueless fuktart. LOL But maybe it’s about time to think about a new daily rider. And if you don’t wanna go the Arch-y route then maybe Pop! is a good alternative for you?

Pop’s website looks fresh n frenly 🙂

Tell me please, any of y’all tried Pop!OS? How’d you like it, and could you see yourself using it in the future?


  1. 🙂 I tried Pop!_OS a handful of times in the past and I enjoyed it.

    As a matter of fact, Pop!_OS works well.

    It is hard to say if I would be using it in the future because I am not all that keen on trying out GNOME 40 at this point in time.

    By the way, users can add the MATE desktop environment via the terminal.

    You would be pleased to know that Pop!_OS has a separate ISO image for those people that have NVIDIA graphics.

    Linux Mint on the other hand has three desktop environments to choose from; which are:

    • Cinnamon

    • MATE

    • Xfce

    Personally, I do not think that newcomers to Linux can go wrong with Linux Mint.

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    • “I do not think that newcomers to Linux can go wrong with Linux Mint.”
      Zacly! That’s why I recommened it since years.

      “not all that keen on trying out GNOME 40 at this point in time.”
      I guess and hope that with Gnome 40 it will finally make some more sense and become usable by human beings.

      “Pop!_OS has a separate ISO image for those people that have NVIDIA graphics.”
      Seperate image? Couldn’t they make it even more complicated? In Arch I just type

      [orca@MiniMax ~]$ yay -Qs nvidia

      in terminal and swoosh all will be installed, driver and server settings box.

      “• Cinnamon

      • MATE

      • Xfce”

      Of which I really detest Xfce. It’s only marginally lighter than Mate, not faster in any way but clunky and inflexible. Tbh I can’t understand why Manjaro and others are using Xfce as standard or flagship enviro. It’s outdated and no fun, the devs are running away to Mate and I won’t even look at it ever again.

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        • That’s what I don’t understand. Both Mate and Cinnamon are doing everything better than Xfce by basically using the same handling principle. But ok, not my problem. 🙂

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