Just for an experiment I just reinstalled Firestorm viewer for Second Life and … whoohoo! It Immediately notified me that it had changed the graphics settings due to me having an Nvidia graphics card. \o/

Fresh out of the box without any finetuning this already looks much better than before. But it’s not what I want. I don’t like the FS viewer too much, so I’ll try to find a way to get the Singularity viewer to the same status. The Singu in AUR isn’t the latest version tho. But let’s see what I can achieve …

… and there she is, Orca in all her flatchasted glory. I even added a customized windlight setting, and as you can see, we have shadows enabled! Still 30 FPS which ain’t too shabby for the old GTX770 card.

Happy hippo now. I just wonder why it didn’t work yesterday and all thru the night? Ugh, doesn’t matter, we’re beautiful in a beautiful pixel world. That’s all that counts!

So, I see a lot of nip/tuck OPs, shopping trips for clothes, hairs and girly stuff happening throughout the next couple days. But don’t expect me to come up with those long plastic fingernails. I’m a sailor, a biker and a van driver! FFS, can’t have any manicured hands. ๐Ÿ˜ Actually can’t stand that shit. Never needed it in RL so I’ll be ok in SL, too!

Oh, I ain’t pretty enuff for you? Too bad. Then don’t fuk me. It’s that simple. =^.^=


    • Triumphal is where it’s always been … and won’t go anywhere. No fear. As for its inhabitants and regulars, they are all over the place, garden variety. As for missus TrYC herself, the sweet Lucy, you’ll find her at the new TrYC (or its successor club), up in Danshire. Look at your other comments!


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