Moar Nonsense!

And even more reasons to be happy like a clam with Linux. This unfortunate story made the rounds during the last couple weeks. Look:

And it all plays out perfectly to plan. Canonical (Ubuntu’s mothership) is almost desperately trying to find a buyer. I guess Mark Shuttleworth is bleeding money thru his unprofitable organisation. And it must hurt petty badly. All the other commercial Linux businesses found new homes in rich corporations: Red Hat is a proud IBM daughter these days and even smutty SUSE has new owners every other week. Only the most famous Linux distro ever, Ubuntu, can’t find a sugar daddy. No wonder they are playing the henchman for Microsoft in order to show what good prostitutes they are and hoping to upping Canonical’s market value that way.

Forseeable results. ๐Ÿ˜

“What the f*** is happening here?” indeed!

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