SL Gives Me No Joy :(

Usually Second Life is quite a delightful little virtual world. But not so when you’re a Linux user with the unfortunate blend of clueless and clumsyness. Like your favourite avie, little Orca. 😐

After conferencing with the wonderful geeks and devs of the EndeavourOS forum I’m quite sure I have the latest Nvidia driver (460.56) installed …

… but when I start my Singularity-alpha viewer …

… everything is so fukn dark! 😮 I can click on everything and log-in tho but it’s not sposed to look like this.
But everything rezzes so slow, it can’t be Nvidia. And right, in the infobox it says my graphics are Mesa/ 😦

I rebooted a couple times, deleted and re-installed the viewer, did the same with Firestorm. Still no joy. Look at my screen; this is after 2 minutes in world ffs. Even my OrcNet bullshit netbook rezzes faster. 😦 How can I get rid of the stupid Mesa open source driver when I can also have the original?

I know 99.9999% of my readers are in SL, and 103% of y’all are on Linux, so help me out will ya?


  1. Hey, I had exactly the same problem when updated to Mint 20. Just after install all was fine, after the first reboot, although everything looked fine in Linux, Firestorm started to detect this Mesa thing and I was unable to fix it. As I’ve just installed Mint 20, I tried to reinstall with the same problem ocurring, fine just after install and a bit after, the Mesa thing again.

    After 2 days fighting it I returned to Mint 19 and… all fine, FS running fine with the right driver. If you find the solution, I would love to know to try it here.

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    • I’m hot at work, hun. No joy so far I tried all the commands I got from the forum but no change. Singu and FS both have dark log-in screens and once inworld they show Mesa driver. Thx for mentioning Mint, I shall try to install the viewer from its website, not from the AUR. Maybe that changes something …

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      • Sorry Lucy, the downloaded folder even refuses to open the viewer. So with my old file I can at least log in. Hmmm, let me reboot again …
        Oh, hey, how do you install the viewer once you have the folder? I always used to start it directly without installing …

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