MiniMax is Back in Action!


Was at the Gigabyte agents yesterday and gotz me gud pomcuter back …

Of course first thing I stripped him down for moar sexyness โ€ฆ
… then I made a photo of the most uselessly stoopid LEDs ever. This is my new B550 gaming mobo that normally lives deep down in the intestines of the machine … and those lights are invisible for the human eye. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

But anyhoo, 8 shiny new unblinking blinkenlights to signify my technical prowess! \o/ YAY! \o/

Here are the new specs:

6 cores, 12 threads. Not too shabby, right? Those numpties have installed one RAM stick of 16 GB instead of two 8 GB sticks. Are they on crack? They should know that computer runs fasterer when both channels are equipped with RAM, not only one.

On Monday I’ll go and ask for 2×8 RAM. In case they don’t have (coz of Covid, ya know) I’ll buy one more 16 GB stick for a grand total of 32GB! \o/ But for now I must find a way to properly install the lastest Nvidia driver so I can play in Second Life. Oh, and my wonderful mechanical keyboard acts like an ADHD child since I gotz MiniMax back.

Two more riddles for Linuxpert Orca to solve. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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