Almost There

After fiddling most of the day with my fancy system, trying to get the latest Nvidia driver installed I finally received the solution via the EndeavourOS forum and …

… yeah, much better already. 😉 But then, when I wanted to set up some more fancy graphics, like water reflections, atmospheric shaders and shadows, the viewer crashed unceremonially and brutal. I’m so tired of all this crap, will try again tomorrow. 😐


  1. Hi Orca, sorry to read about your computer problems. Sucks!
    I am intrigued however about your screen shot?
    I am not familiar with SL except that it’s some type of sim game I guess. I am intrigued because I see a Quebec flag on the boat house behind you. Living in Quebec Canada and knowing you are in South Afrika and seeing it in your screen shot just seems to make the world a little smaller. What can you tell me about this? The game the flag, your screen shot?
    Anyhoo, thanks for your time. I do enjoy reading your blog and your interest in Linux which is how I first found you. As well as your hot avatar!!!
    Good luck w your issues. Sucks when shit don’t work.

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    • Hi gsas01 (interesting name),
      Second Life is a virtual world, actually the largest one of its kind. And it’s very international. From Americans via Europeans to Russians, Chinese and Japanese, people from all over the world are meeting here … and doing stuff. Roleplay, sex, games, vehicles, planes, airships … when something exists in real life, you can be sure someone made it for SL, too. Oh yes, everything you see is user created! From the landscape down to our avies and our clothes (respectively the lack thereof).
      Oh, and one clever guy came up with a physical sailboat simulation in 2006. And SL Sailing became one of the most active communities with lots of yacht clubs, warfs, marinas, organized cruises and races, from local club level up to world cups.
      Playing in SL is free but you need to be a premium member to own land.
      Check the Marketplace for all the stuff you can buy to make your second life better:

      And SL has its own currency and economy, which you can exchange into real world money.

      The world map won’t show on my machine … maybe it works for you:

      These days I’m not online very often anymore. Partly caused by bad technology and partly coz I’m old and tired. My avie is from January 2007, a regular oldbie and she’s been thru a lot!


      • Thank you for your reply. My user name is actually my initials. I actually should be the new messiah! Haha.
        I guess the boat house behind you was created by someone from Quebec ( the flag) it really is international. Also i guess SL is pretty old! At least 15 years if 2006? I can see how one could really get invested. It can become a second life!
        Avatars don’t age. Lol!!! She’s still got it!
        Anyhoo, keep on keeping on, I always enjoy your perspective and your style.

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        • SL is actually from 2003, when I joined in early 2007 it was already established and all the rage in America, Europe and Japan. When I was a n00b I used to spend up to 10 hours/day in world. One can say I was addicted. Raked up high online prices. Internet here in SA was really behind the times, slow, long latencies and expensive … and no uncapped. I often had to drive to the gas station in the middle of the night and buy more tokens for additional bandwith. 😮

          With boathouse behind me you mean that tiki hut? Doesn’t necessarily need to be made by the owner, most people buy their houses from the marketplace. Particularly nowadays with the modern mesh technology you can’t really build in world no more and need real skills in Blender for building acceptable structures. I bought the glass house behind me as well, Lucy wants to use it as our new clubhouse.

          And right, my avie is a perpetual 21 y/o. I don’t want her to get old and wrinkly like me.


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