€urovision Sillyness Contest

Oh my! 😮 This is the national winner and German contender at the €uropean Song Contest finals. Of course paid from our our broadcasting taxes. 😦

This caca is not acceptable! The song a cheapo steal of George Michael’s Faith, which was in itself already a very dumb, primitive song. 😦

And the extras? A bland mix of “diversity” as they call it nowadays, acting silly and spiteful. And the singer itself? Whoa! Hardly registers as human for me. And obviously Jendrik’s contribution is already a winner: Whoever dares to not give him some points is already outed as a racist! 😦 Those Germans are such clever tacticians. 🙂

And this is the best the leading “Kulturnation” Germany has to offer? Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller … Jendrik? 😮

With the exception of the all-time great and super duper professional ABBA – who really knew their shit – fortunately all those €urovision wannabe pop stars of today have a very short half-life period. Jendrik today, forgotten tomorrow.


  1. Oh, hey Silber!

    And how you like our new national hero?

    More important, how is Covid treatin’ you? Still feeling alright? My mom just got her shot at the Messehallen … and she’s so into it. Can hardly wait for the second jab in 2 weeks or so, right? I mean she’s 99 years old but still, didn’t she notice that a city of nearly 2 millions needs more than 1 central vaccination spot? Hubby just said, every doctor’s praxis should be able to do it. And he also thinks it’s a political thing. Gvt wants everybody to be registered and get a vaccination card … for more control and surveillance of the population. 😮

    This virus is every internal minister’s wet dream. 😦


  2. Moin dear Orcsi.

    First of all, I’m glad for your mum, also ’cause she could manage to go there! I’ve heard of old ppl here who were afraid to go to Messehallen with bus, S- or U-Bahn by themselves. It would be by far more fair if (like your hubby said) every doctor’s praxis could vaccinate. My dad is waiting for that option. I disagree btw. that gvt might be interested into surveillance about the people. The problem is probably more the “German bureaucreacy” and no trust into ppl concerning handling quick tests f.e. Concerning my personal life…

    2020 was a caesura indeed. Since October 2019 I knew that my mum has cancer at an advanced stage. We all knew that Christmas `19 would be her last one, same with New Years Eve and 31st.Jan ’20 her last birthday. Her wish was to reach spring and hopefully summer. Corona changed much but not all! We managed it to keep her with us.
    My mum died in September 2020 at home in the age of 86. Me, my brother and her hubby, our dad, were with her in that moment.

    XXX Silber

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    • Hey ho Silber!

      “My mum died in September 2020 at home in the age of 86.”
      When I hear something like that I never know how to react. Sorry for your loss, she was called upon much too early … or pheew, how lucky for her she reached such a high age. So just imagine I said the right thing according to how you feel. 😉

      “Corona changed much”
      Oh yes, I’ve heard some hospitals where so busy with Covid patients, they couldn’t take care of normal sick people anymore. “Yo, dawg, I hear you’ve got cancer and a heartattack and a stroke? How boring. Get back in the line!”

      I don’t think my mom went to the Messehallen by U-Bahn, she prolly called 211 211 and took a coop taxi or she was brought by krankenwagen. The perks once you’ve reached the golden age of 99 ^.^ Or … maybe she used the U-Bahn. Station’s not far from her flat, there is a lift, and she used the underground since like forever. My dad wasn’t really a good driver in his eighties and always lost his way, so they used public transport to get around town since years.

      Hamburg should be lucky my mom won’t get on her bicycle anymore! 😮

      … and I should be lucky Covid cancelled her travel plans for 2020 and 2021. She was about to book for Gran Canaria, where they spent 2 – 3 mths each year … now she puts every penny into my bank acc. 🙂


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