Corona Diary: Day 338

Just one headline today. Which tells us more about the state of the political world than about the state of the pandemic world:

Hehe, after the nonchalantly named Chinese Coronavirus, obviously named mainly for patriotic reasons and to show how communism is failing, and after banning flights from South Africa in order to demonstrate the low IQ of black people because they let the South African mutation happen, now the glorious Western community of values has to admit they have their own strands of the Covid-19 virus. Even their undisputed leader, America, has Californian and New York mutations now. 😦

Maybe it’s about time for the West to come off its high horse.

But hey, no reason to panic. All those new mutations are indeed more aggressive and spreading even faster than the original first wave, but they are altogether not as lethal and have a very very high recovery rate. And time is in our favour anyway. Particularly in favour of Europe since the virus might have died out before they manage to organize a general rollout of any vaccine. This might save the German leading ladies from the awkward situation to beg Russia for its Sputnik V vaccine.

You guys be well and healthy, alright? Just because Orca says the virus will die out and the second wave has high survival rates it’s not a signal to let your guard down! Not in any way, shape or form. Not wearing your mask is also illegal in most countries, so please comply and help the world at large to shake off this stupid virus … once and for all.

Yes, I know you are healthy, feeling good, not posing a threat to anybody. So am I. So wot? Let’s be good citizens and role models. Let’s teach the kids how compassion looks and works. Even kids-hating Orca wears her mask in public since she’s so nice. A fukn hero! πŸ™‚

And so can you! πŸ™‚

Despite wearing his mask all wrong he’s still our favourite masked hero: Bat-Man

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