Corona Diary: Day 337

Good morning awesome people

What’s there still left to say about Covid-19? The great dying continuous, more mutations are found daily (according to Leenda we’ll have an American mutation soon enough, they are just thinking about a catchy name for it), the vaccinations do help or not, our wise leaders are full of shit, some countries are doing better than others … and Saffas have but one big problem: How to deal with the renaming of their old towns:

What was so terribly wrong with Port Elizabeth?

And, honestly, and hey, I’m in no way an expert on isiXhosa but the way most of the people are pronouncing Gqeberha, it sounds like – mostly white – Afrikaaners would pronounce it. Notice the very Dutch sounding ha at the end (sounds like adenopharyngitis). So I’m not even sure if this is an original isiXhosa word. Seems to be more of a mish-mash.

But it’s not my country, not my town, I have no stakes in this, let them have their way with it. As long as they don’t try anything stupid with …

Cape Town
Kaapstad  (Afrikaans)
iKapa  (Xhosa)
//Hui !gaeb  (Khoekhoe)

… I’m cool. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I don’t know what to make of this poster:

Zero Covid patients overall in that clinic or zero Covid patients died today?

Whatever it is, it may only take a couple days until we can celebrate the 50,000th victim of the fukn virus. Reminding us on that fact to me seems like a morbid countdown and a little tonedeaf. :/

You guys stay cooler than cold, you stay frosty okayyyyyyyyyy? Which means, wash your paws, sanitize, mask up, keep social distance, eat healthy, stay at home if you can, fukn survive!

cya guys laterz


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